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How it works

 Our user-friendly platform is here to provide you with the best freelancing experience.
Step 1 how next generation freelancing works

Step 1: Register Online

To be able to order services on Odd Republic’s platform you will first need to register online. We are carefully choosing not only our freelancers, but our clients as well. Make sure to provide complete and honest answers to all questions of the registration form. Once you submit your application you will receive an email confirming that our Projects Managers are reviewing it. In case your application wasn’t complete or accurate, you may be asked additional questions by a follow up email. You will be able to access your profile and start ordering freelance services once we approve your account.

Step 2 how next generation freelancing works

Step 2: Order services

Once your account is approved you will be able to order services. Login to our system and go to your account, you will find the Project inquiry form by click “Order Services” button located on the left panel of your profile. Our Project Managers will receive your inquiry and check the provided information.  In case of any questions, we will contact you through email and ask for clarifications.  Finally, based on the information gained, we will give you several price packages to choose from. Whole process usually takes up to 24 hours, however it may take longer in case of more complicated projects.

Step 3 how next generation freelancing works

Step 3: Start a project

Choose the most suitable package and confirm your project. Every project is divided into smaller milestones. Milestones help our Project Mangers to easily manage the project and quickly solve occurring problems. You will receive the milestone planning before the start of the project and will be able to discuss it with your Project Manager. Note that you pay only for the completed milestones, we don’t have any prepayment. On the other hand your team will not precede to the next milestones until you pay for the completed work. Following system ensures responsibility from the part of the client.

Step 4 how next generation freelancing works

Step 4: Get the results

We work only with the best freelance specialists and always have a second team prepared to jump on your project in case we are not satisfied with the freelancers’ work. We are doing everything to ensure business continuity of your project and you won’t be additionally charged for such changes. Your Project Manager will systematically update you on everything.  Besides, you can always require additional information or give a feedback regarding your project. Once the project is finished you will get a final report and be asked for a feedback. Your feedback is our key for success.


Freelance Specialists You Can Hire



Full Stack Developers, IOS/Android Developers, WordPress Developers, Software Engineers, AI specialists, Web Analyzers, Q/A Specialists, Game Developers, VR professionals



Graphic Designers, Illustrators, UI/UX Designers, Logo Designers, Video Animators, Game Designers, Mobile App Designers, Product Designers, Visual Designers, Web Designers, 3D designers



Social Media Specialists, Branding specialists, Market researchers, Marketing strategy developers, Online advertisers, Content marketers, Copywriters, PR specialists, PPC specialists, SEO specialists

Administrative support


Data entering and analyzing specialists, Multilingual translators, Project Managers, Administrative assistants, Online researchers, Website administrators, Presentation and Report makers

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