5 Reasons Why Being a Freelancer is Amazing
Are you really tired of your office job and want try new things?
reasons why being a freelancer is amazing

Are you really tired of your office job and want try new things? Do you feel constrained and lacking interest towards what you currently do? If yes, then being a freelancer is obviously the greatest chance for you to constantly develop and find new ways to show off your capabilities. In this blog you can find reasons to start freelancing and make your life more interesting.

Being Your own Boss

Actually a lot of us complain or hear complaints from friends that doing desk jobs is tiresome or boring, and eventually desk jobs kill the desire to create novelties and will make your job very unpleasant. This is partly because no human likes being controlled by superiors, and oftentimes people start to look for ways to get rid of desk jobs as they seek independence. Independence increases the level of  your responsibility and makes you a more organized specialist. Actually, a freelancer is responsible for finding clients and for providing the quality the client pays for. That is to say that freelancing makes you a more sophisticated and flexible specialist who is better prepared to persevere in today’s fast growing market.



The other striking thing that you enjoy while FREElancing is FREEdom. There are no fixed working hours or dress codes.You are the one who chooses your assignments and projects.  This is the dream option for “not morning person” type of people. Also, if you consider the time wasted on morning traffic jams or the money spent on transportation,or the amount of money spent on lunch at office,  you will notice the great effectiveness of freelancing. More importantly, if you are a freelancer you do not need to sign contracts and can leave the job at any time you find a better offer or just want to have a rest of busy working period. Freedom is a significant reason why being a freelancer is amazing.

Doing Multiple Tasks

Another notable characteristic that makes freelancing highly effective is the ability to accomplish multiple things at once. This regards being able to constantly further educate, network with contacts, and work hard at acquiring new skills that can make them more competitive in the work they are dealing with. Another reason why being a freelancer is amazing  is that you will be able to discover your secret talents and experimenting. For example, if you are a photographer it can boost your graphic design skills. If you help clients develop their online marketing strategies, a background in graphic design would enable you to pair up your proposals with detailed infographics. Also, your diverse skill set may seem more appealing to prospective clients. Working in two or more areas will enable you to get rid of the stresses of either.You will not encounter any difficulty while multitasking if you are well established in more than one field, on the contrary, it will boost your creativity and make you versatile professional.

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Flexibility to Live a Satisfying Life

Freelancing is giving you the chance to spend your time with family and go to a holiday without asking anyone’s permission. You can accomplish your odd, childhood dreams or dedicate more time to your hobbies while combining all of that with your job. Another reason why being a freelancer is amazing is that  travel enthusiasts can freely move from one city to another, visit many different countries and live there as much as they desire without losing their job.

5 Reasons Why Being a Freelancer is Amazing

Earning More Money

Many people tend to think that a long-term desk job is more secure and makes you more confident.  But if you consider that working for someone else is actually decreasing the amount of money you get then you will reconsider your way of thinking. You are the only person who decides your salary, and it depends on your hard work. The better you work, the more you get. As your reputation grows, you will be able to charge higher fees for services. As the owner of business you have unlimited earning possibilities. In most countries, freelancers get more than average employees.  According to Payoneer’s data, the average freelancer works 36 hours a week at a rate of $21 per hour, giving them an annual pre-tax salary of more than $39,000. This is significantly higher than the average non-freelance wages in most of the countries in the survey. The great perspective of earning more money is appealing to many talented professionals, thus, it is a great reason why being a freelancer is amazing.

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