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Whether you are looking for a cozy corner for a date or a sweeping view from the rooftop to celebrate a special occasion, you might want to do some research before setting up for wine and dine to make sure everything goes as planned on that notable day. Our team has done the homework for you, and has carried out a study on 6 randomly picked romantic restaurants across LA, on their ranking and social media image. Opting for tools such as website analytics and social media statistics our digital marketing study provides in depth examination summed up with piece of advice and best practice examples that can be used by clients searching for a restaurant with a status and for companies aiming to boost their brand image.

The following 6 Restaurants and Cafes were randomly chosen for our study

The Little Door
Cliff’s Edge
Yamashiro Hollywood

Please note:

1.Companies have been chosen randomly

2.All the statistics provided are based only on the research of the companies included in this case study

3.Confidential information hasn’t been used during the study. All information was taken from the open sources

Starting off with some numbers

Website Statistics

In Average We Get

Average visit duration 0:02:20
Average page visit 2,73
Average bounce rate 19.34%

Our Research Concluded as Follows:

1. Search engines have important position with 57% from total traffic, meaning SEO and Adwords campaigns must have top priority in Marketing Strategy.
2. Referrals are mostly coming from reputational websites, so pay attention to getting more reviews
3. Only 1% of total website traffic is coming from social media channels! This means you lose one of the most important channels of connecting with your clients. If you have well developed social media accounts, then you should link them to your website.

Social Media

All about those clicks

A strong brand image is of a vital importance for businesses specializing in food industry as in the case of cafes and restaurants a solid online presence is not only a matter of a marketing duty but also a matter of reputation. While active posting is what boosts a company's online appearance, a good reputation is built on positive and valid reviews and ratings left by the customers for the new and potential ones to see. Each social media platform has its own standards and metrics of popularity, for that reason during our study we have researched 3 main social media and one reputation channel.

Number of Facebook Followers

Facebook provides an easy and simple way to make a company's information available, including features such as opening hours, directions, popular times of visit, menus, business details and etc. Facebook pages are especially helpful for the new customers unfamiliar with the company and the services that it provides. However when it comes to popularity metrics the number of followers does not say much about the influence the company has, as a lot of users who follow or like the page never actually come back to it. In case of Facebook, the popularity metric is dependent on the engagement of the audience with the posts the company makes, and the reactions it gets. In the case of the 6 test-subjects of the study, the two leading restaurants proved to exceed and maintain both number of followers and active audience engagement.

Number of Instagram followers

While Instagram bios are limited, as the platform does not offer as many information details as Facebook does, it operates on principle of "show, don't tell". Instagrams narrates with images, displays information about a company via eye-catching visuals rather than detailed descriptions. As an image based platform Instagram offers the advantage of user-generated advertising to restaurants and cafes, as customers love to share and tag photos of spectacular food, desserts, decor and etc. Similar to Facebook, Instagram influence is more leaned towards the user engagement rather than the number of followers. Here it is worth paying attention to the engagement per follower and the comments received. The leading two restaurants of this study proved to match the mentioned criterias.

Number of Twitter followers

Twitter is all about timely information, it can serve as a great tool for promotions and announcements such as daily specials or new dishes on the menu. Companies on Twitter can make a big use out of hashtags to remind the customers about the latest news and upcoming events that are worth to pay a visit. Twitter is different in a sense that it requires a mutual engagement from both the customers and the companies. Responsiveness encourages customer engagement.Whether a client is tweeting about a wonderful moment they had or complaining about a spider in a soup it is always recommended to leave a retweet and let the customer know that their feedback matters. The leading Restaurant of the study, proved to have not only the biggest amount of followers but also responsiveness.

Number of Yelp reviews

Average rating is 3,90

Yelp is probably the first place both customers and companies should turn to find what other people have to say about a business. In the new era of tech where everyone gets an access to being a government critic, Yelp can boost or drag a restaurant's reputation in a completely opposite direction. For both clients and business owners it is crucial to pay attention to the ratings and reviews to be updated on what to expect and what needs to be fixed.

Example time - Website

1. Whole information needed for a potential client is provided
2. Easy to navigate
3. Really nice web design
4. Linked to social media accounts
5. Responsive website

Example time - Social Media

1. Posting regularly
2. Engaging existing clients by tagging them in posts
3. Using related hashtags
4. Posting high quality photos of prepared food
5. Posting diversified content

Piece of advice

1. Build user-friendly and informative website
2. Regularly perform Search Engine Optimization
3. Link your website to all your social media accounts
4. Post materials from your website to get more traffic
5. Leverage all social media channels
6. Post regularly on your social media accounts
7. Create attractive and informative content for your potential clients
8. Use reputational websites to get good reviews from your clients
9. Contact your existing clients on social media
10. Use hashtags that your costumers follow on Instagram and Twitter 11. Use online advertising tools for better lead generation

If you want a customized digital marketing study on your business, all you need to do is contact us and we will be happy to make one completely free of charge! Feel free to email us for further information.

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