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During the month of April, ODD Republic offered freedigital marketing to companies who decided to apply. Among that list was Quarterly Mailer Magazine (QM), which is published for Glendale, La Crescenta, and Montrose areas. Before beginning the process, the team at ODD Republic offered a strategy containing the problem areas and bringing forth a plan which would act as a base for further developments for QM magazine. At the end of the month, the company received a full report of all actions carried out in the previous weeks.

About Quarterly Mailer Magazine

Our client QM Magazine is a quarterly published magazine, which creates content from topics such as food and lifestyle to health. They reach an estimated 250,000 of local residents, and published copies are sent to over 28,000 readers every quarter. QM magazine also cooperates with local businesses, providing them with promotions to connect with people of respective interests. Their online webpage allows readers with insight to their latest content and promotions.

Before Starting Digital Marketing you Need to:

The initial problems must be detected to understand which areas the work must be directed to. Before carrying out any tasks. The list of findings included the following:

1. Information on the website was mostly out of date.
2. Content was not optimized with targeted keywords.
3. There were many SEO related improvements to be done (meta description of the posts, alt texts for images, targeted keywords, etc).
4. Google Analytics was not connected.
5. Company didn’t have active social media accounts linked with the website.

Works conducted

Now that it is evident where the problems lie, a schedule was formed across the entire month of April directed to these issues. Across the four weeks of April, each week was assigned specific tasks to target the main issues.

The tasks carried out were the following:

1. Updating content with the latest versions (MediaKit, QM magazines)
2. Adding Google analytics
3. Researching targeted keywords
4. Adding 10 posts to website
5. Opening social media accounts
6. Sharing content from website with social media
7. Optimizing existing content
8. Preparing Marketing Report for the month
9. Creating Digital Marketing Development Plan for the future
10. New blog posts added and optimized 7
11. All information on the website has been updated and optimized, including Quarterly Mailer Magazine latest issues and Mediakit 2017

Across the entire 4 weeks, the team carried out 40 tasks, of which only 3 failed due to the lack of blog posts available for usage. Over 36 hours of work was spent across the entire 4 weeks of digital marketing.

Search engine optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is an important factor to reach success in digital marketing. Most of the traffic comes from client related searches so we would recommend to optimize client posts or blog posts for their own keywords. Also not directly add 1 or 2 own keywords.

The following keywords were used to provide efficient SEO optimization for the website:

Changes in ranking after one month of Optimization:

Glendale magazines - from second page to first in ranking
La Crescenta magazines - from first page to first in ranking
La Canada magazines - from first page to first in ranking
Montrose Magazines - from fourth page to third page

Number of optimized pages: 16

According to Wordpress SEO checker 13 of them have Good rating and 3 have Ok

Social Media Marketing

Many people decide their first impressions of a person or company on social media, which makes having an active profile a crucial matter. To ensure our client with successful digital marketing< for their business, we made updates to their various social media platforms. Below you may find the details of QM magazine’s social media insights after our conducted work.

Instagram page statistics


Number of posts added 10

Gained followers 126

Average post like 45

Facebook page statistics


Number of posts added 10

Post Reach 113

Average post like 45

Post engagement 129

Also we have worked on the Facebook profile of Quarterly Mailer and increased it’s friend base from 7 to 173!

The initial plan was carried out efficiently with the least amount of backlash issues, ensuring effective results for the company. In the short period of 4 weeks, extensive actions helped increase the average analytics of QM Magazine.

This marketing strategy was originally researched, planned, and conducted by the team at ODD Republic. If you are interested in similar outcomes for your business like the one provided above, just contact us for more information. If you wish to know more, contact us at ODD Republic.

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