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What do you do when it is time to buy a new car? Do you look up in the internet or you go straight to a Car Dealer you know? In our opinion, you first try to find something on the internet and after your decision is made you go and buy a car. It helps to save a lot of money isn’t it? But the question is, can you find best offers online and how can be sure you don’t miss your dream car with a great price, because the Car Dealer doesn’t have a website or a social media accounts.

We have conducted a market research on digital presence of Car dealers in Los Angeles. Alongside with a case study on 10 randomly chosen Car Dealers. All the statistics provided are based only on the research of the companies included in this case study. Confidential information hasn’t been used during the study. All information was taken from the open sources.

For our study we have chosen the following Car Dealers

Let’s start with website statistics

Average visit duration 0:02:16
Average page visit 2,98
Average bounce rate 18%

Now let’s take a closer look at websites of our researched Car Dealers

By analyzing traffic from the websites we came to the conclusions:

1. Search engines have dominating position with 57% from total traffic, meaning SEO and Adwords campaigns must have top priority in Marketing Strategy.
2. Outside links are mostly coming from reputational websites, so it would be wise pay attention to getting more reviews.
3. Only 1% of total website traffic is coming from social media channels! This means you lose one of the most important channels of connecting with your clients. If you have well developed social media accounts, then you should link them to your website.

Website traffic of our Car dealers on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Social media analytics

We all love cool cars, traveling and beautiful girls. That’s why social media pages sharing such kind of content always have a lot of followers. So when your business is based on one of these 3 you should not miss the chance of engaging more potential customers by social media. During the study we have researched 2 main social media and one reputational channels used by Car Dealers in Los Angeles. You can guess that those channels are Facebook, Instagram and Yelp.

So how many followers do they have?


Even thou we all know that Facebook is the biggest social media network, research showed that people are not engaged with content Car Dealers usually share. We think that main reason for this tendency is huge traffic of content on walls, so people just scroll down the wall very fast and stop to read only a few things on their way. And only few of that things get likes or other expressions . How can Car dealers boost their Facebook pages? They need to share more engaging content, use live videos and other features of Facebook.


Instagram is totally another story. Most of the LA’s Car Dealers we talked to claimed that Instagram is their most effective channel for sale. Why? Because Instagram is a place only for visual content and people go through their Instagram walls to find nice pics and they like them, unlike in Facebook.. So if your systematically share interesting content about Cars, people interested in them will follow you. And don’t forget posting special offers.

Number of Yelp reviews

If you are a small business. You must be registered on Yelp.. It is the biggest directory where most of your potential customers may search for you. Even if they find about you on social media or via search engines, they would definitely look for you on Yelp. to find out what others think about you and services you provide. Average rating for Los Angeles based Car Dealers is 4.65.

Our advice to LA’s Car Dealers

1. Make user friendly and easy to navigate websites
2. Systematically conduct SEO
3. Create content that will be attractive and informative for your potential clients
4. Create a Blog
5. Link you social media accounts to your website
6. Post regularly on your social media accounts
7. Concentrate your attention especially on Instagram
8. Use reputational websites like Yelp to get good reviews from your clients
9. Contact your existing clients on social media
10. Use online advertising such as Google Adwords or Facebook advertising

Market research and case study was prepared by Odd Republic’s marketing team. During the research we have used website traffic analytics, social media analytics, website analytics and social media statistic analyzing tools You can learn more about our projects and studies on our Work page. If you are a business owner and want to get a research like LA’s Car Dealers, you just need to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with such a Case Study absolutely free. Interested? Contact Odd Republic for further information on our Contact page.

And don’t forget to leave us a feedback about our LA’s Car Dealers Market research and Case Study. Your opinion is really important for us. Thanks and wait for more studies with Odd Republic.

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