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Google AdWords Campaign for Odd Republic


Google AdWords, Marketing

During the month of May, 2018 we launched a Google AdWords campaign for Odd Republic's latest website development offer. The final amount spent on the campaign totaled in at $486 with 92 clicks and 11,200 impressions. The most clicks were from mobile devices at approximately 80%. Clicks from computers ranked in 2nd place, and only a slim amount were from tablets. According to analysis of the keyword breakdown, the keywords with the most clicks are visible in the following graph:

While keywords ranked higher on CPR, they did not bring the highest amount of impressions or clicks, these were mainly related to 'website development' and 'cheap' or 'low cost' websites. The top three keywords with the highest CPR percentage are shown in the following graph:

The team at Odd Republic offers Marketing, PR, Web Development, and Branding services for individuals and businesses at out-of-this-world prices. We guarantee sincere services targeted to the development of your business and your satisfaction. For more information on our services, contact Odd Republic today.

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