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Tools used: Case study, Market research, Social media analytics, Website analytics

If you have a major project deadline coming up, but no space at your institution, or any privacy in your home, the implementation of local coworking spaces surely will save the day. For those who aren't informed, coworking is a practice of having a lofty and free environment for a variety of people to work collectively or separately on their projects in one space. This is a perfect opportunity for freelance workers who do not have stable workplaces and like to share their ideas with others of similar interests. Before visiting or buying a membership to one of the many coworking spaces in Los Angeles, you will definitely look around online to see which benefits your needs the most, and those with the best reputation.

For this purpose, we carried out a case study to provide viewers with the online presence of LA based coworking spaces. The research is based on seven companies, with the publicly shared information that is available to us. We will also look at statistics regarding each company's social media standing, and provide advice on how to improve.

We have randomly chosen the following companies for our study

Collab and Play
Blank Spaces
Cross Campus
CTRL Collective
The Park

Let’s start with website statistics

Average visit duration 0:03:02
Average page visit 2,46
Average bounce rate 43.17%

Individual standings of each company researched

From this we concluded that

1. Search engines have important position with 39% from total traffic, meaning SEO and Adwords campaigns must have top priority in your Marketing Strategy.
2. Referrals are mostly coming from reputational websites, so pay attention to getting more reviews.
3. Only 2% of total website traffic is coming from social media channels! This means you lose one of the most important channels of connecting with your clients. If you have well developed social media accounts, then you should link them to your website.

Social media analysis

Besides their individual websites, many companies now rely on their social network pages to have a high reputation and activity rate as well. Since a lot of people spend their days scrolling through social media, it is more likely that they will stumble upon something that interests them rather than visiting a specific website. Viewers will often look at the referrals and follower counts of the page to approximately understand the notoriety of the company. For our study, we decided to look at three of the main social media platforms, and one reputational channel to understand each company's stance in the social media world.

Facebook analytics

The numbers for Facebook followers are relatively promising. They are slightly higher than the statistics for Instagram as you will see below. This happens because traffic flow is more likely here due to a larger number of users and posting opportunities. Companies have the chance to advertise with paid methods at any time if they seek to be visible to larger audiences.

Twitter analytics

Coworking spaces are active on Twitter the most, according to the analytics provided. Since the website provides both text and photo-sharing opportunities, it is easier to share content with corresponding hashtags to a large audience. Companies are able to share their latest offers and events quickly and concisely.

Instagram analytics

On average, the numbers for Instagram are the lowest among the social platforms. The cause of this is that many people on Instagram prefer picturesque photos in order to be a notable page. There are too many boundaries for the amount of text you may put in your profile. If you are a page for a company which doesn't rely much on on the visuals, as with coworking spaces, then this is not too beneficial. Those who are able to create eye-capturing photos for their space are most likely to succeed on Instagram

Yelp analytics

Yelp is a great way to quickly understand if people are content or not with the services provided by the company. Which is why all companies are encouraged to open a page. The average rating for coworking spaces in LA is 4,79.

Some advice from us

1. Build user-friendly and informative website
2. Create attractive and informative content for your potential clients
3. Regularly perform Search Engine Optimization
4. Use reputational websites to get good reviews from your clients
5. Link your website to all your social media accounts
6. Contact your existing clients on social media
7. Post materials from your website to get more traffic
8. Leverage all social media channels
9. Post regularly on your social media accounts
10. Use hashtags that your costumers follow on Instagram and Twitter
11. Use online advertising tools for better lead generation

This case study and market research was conducted by the team at ODD Republic.If you are interested in a customized case study for your business like the one provided above, you just need to contact us and we will be happy make one absolutely free. If you wish to know more, contact ODD Republic.

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