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In partnership with Axiom Design & Printing, we launched Google Adwords campaigns for Burbank Valley Dental clinic from November-December 2017. Two campaigns were launched each month, one for general dental services and the second specially for root canal services. Both were successful in reaching on average over 4,000 impressions and 80 clicks per campaign over the course of a month from visitors across 9 cities within a one hour driving distance from the clinic location. For both campaigns, keyword research was carried out to best reflect the service offered and provide higher click probability. They were as follows for each campaign:

Burbank Valley Dental clinic campaign top 5 keywords

Root Canal Special campaign top 5 keywords
As for demographics, the most ranking age groups were 18-24 and 65+ across both months. The highest click rate was recorded among visitors from Los Angeles, Burbank, and Glendale areas. The data for device usage, gender, and age demographics is as follows:

Overall, Burbank Valley Dental noticed visible results from traffic in accordance to the ads running each month. With a monthly budget of less than $500 these results were recorded and led to greater client conversion within the time span.

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