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During the month of April 2017, ODD Republic gave the opportunity of receiving free digital marketing for the duration of the month to companies that applied. Andrew Wood’s Acting Studio received a detailed case study for their business, followed by a digital marketing strategy which was carried out during the four weeks of April. We will review the initial insights of the acting studio, followed by the strategy, and corresponding results after the one month of completed marketing.

A few Words About Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood founded his acting studio in 2004. His intention was to create a setting in which to share the extraordinary approach to acting he encountered as an MFA director at the Drama School at Yale. The culture at Andrew Wood Acting Studio emphasizes dedication, commitment, excellence, collegiality, and a love of dramatic writing and the challenge of embodying it.

Let’s View Wood’s Insights Before Digital Marketing Process:

Average visit time 0:00:17
Average page visit 1.99
Average bounce rate 47.%
Website traffic by country:

USA 44.76%
Australia 25.16%
Salvador 16.25%
Rep. of Korea 13.82%

Social Media Statistics

Facebook followers: 577
Twitter followers: 1203
Yelp reviews: 46
Average rating: 5

Overall, Andrew Wood’s acting studio did not have many active social media channels, and the existing few were not bringing much traffic to the website. The acting studio was not receiving enough referrals or being linked to other resourceful websites to increase the likelihood of appearing high on search engine rankings.

Facebook Analysis

You do a great job on your Facebook page by posting systematically. We specifically like posts about success of your students and alumni. Try to tag them in posts, so they would be more engaged. You also post interesting content, but almost all of it is from other pages. Try to share more content from your website and generate your original postings directly in Facebook.

We would also recommend you post original video content. Some scenes from famous movies by your students, behind the scenes from the classes, professional discussions on famous movies, etc.. Actually this can be your best card to play. You have a kind of a business which generates a lot of interesting stuff by itself, you just need to share it with the world. Be more risky - try to go viral. Try again and again with experimenting and when one of your tries shoots, it can bring an enormous success.

Write blog posts about acting and other related stuff and share it with your social media. It is better to have both professional posts that can engage people from the field and more entertaining and easy posts for beginners and people who are just interested in acting. So you will be interesting to follow for both targeted groups.

Post more of this kind of content:
First 2017 crew. Foolish mortals, who will save you NOW?

It is funny and others see that there are actual people using your services. But if you tagged those people your post would have much more reach, much more reactions and at least people from the photo would have liked your page.

Works Conducted

Over the course of the four weeks, 19 tasks were carried out on the website by both Andrew himself and the ODD team. Of the total tasks, 13 were completed by ODD and 6 by Mr. Wood since he insisted on directly impacting the development of the business. This came to an approximate total of 26 hours of digital marketing work conducted towards the acting studio.

The newly created posts were all successfully optimized with SEO appropriate keywords targeted to be more searchable for clients in the respective sphere of interest. The most accurately targeted keywords to bring more website traffic are:

1. andrew wood
2. ari kanamori
3. Bertolt
4. is 'ask: a actors tactic
5. andrew wood actor

Engaging Instagram account

Over the course of the month, a new Instagram page was opened for the acting studio, on which the corresponding details were evident in summary:

Number of posts added 7
Gained followers 105
Average post like 42

Average likes per Instagram post rose from the previous 10 to 42-45 likes after the conducted procedures.


At the end of the one month of free digital marketing, Wood’s business had evident developments. The acting studio began actively engaging with clients to induce greater traffic to the website. Wood received a detailed case study with reliable advice to further improve the business later on even without ODD’s interference. This includes actively participating on social networks and including more user-oriented content to remain searchable. Utilizing keywords was another valuable implementation to increase the relevance of the acting studio to the public audience.

This case study and digital marketing was conducted by the team at ODD Republic. If you are interested in a customized case study for your business like the one provided above, you just need to contact us and we will be happy make one absolutely free. If you wish to know more about our marketing services, contact ODD Republic.