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Tasty Branding
Graphic design, Branding




Graphic design, Branding

So our new project was to create a tasty brand and flyer design for Сытняшкино, company which is cooking selling very delicious soups and second dishes in Moscow. Сытняшкино serves homemade dishes made by the best cooks and is perfect for people who want fast, delicious, not expensive and healthy food.

First we had to came with the name and so we choose combination of Russian words “сытный”, “няшка” and ending which is used for city names “ино”. It is really hard to explain this word in English, but we’ll try our best, so Сытняшкино is “A cozy way to satisfy your hunger”. After naming process we created this simply odd logo and began creating their flyer design. Check out and wait to listen more from Сытняшкино.

Сытняшкино-booklets-design-oddrepublic Сытняшкино-design-booklets-oddrepublic Сытняшкино-design-menu-oddrepublic Сытняшкино-design-menu1-oddrepublic Сытняшкино-menu-design-oddrepublic

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