Awesome Mockups

Awesome Mockups


Graphic design, Branding

Hey everyone! Ever wondered how cool Mockups must look like? They can be everywhere and you can see how your logo would look like without actually placing it there. Mockups are a very great tool in Branding and are widely used in Brand-book creation process. Besides, you can use Mockups in your web-sites, social media campaign, even print them and hang on the wall above your bed. In a few words Mockups are really cool things to have. So our designer Ellen has made a series of great Mockups for ODD Republic and we have decided to share them with you. And one last thing, if you ever need some awesome Mockups or need help in creating them, you know who to call. Now enjoy ;)

branding-identity-mockups paper-bag-mockup business-card-mockup copybook-mockup hanging-wall-mockup imac-inch-mockup notebook-mockup iphone-app-mockup iphone-app-mockup-white business-tools-mockup

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