All business owners aim to be the most successful and leading figure in a chosen field. They find that the clue for accomplishments is hidden in the “marketing world,” where the products they produce are advertised as one of the most quality-reliant that the customers will ever come across. Of course at first, a business must have a well-structured marketing plan, because it is the fundamental strength of achieving a competitive advantage and the goal of the further prosperity.  

However, even if the truth of success for many businesses is actually hidden in the marketing strategies; some big brands use a relatively different technique, underestimating the power of the direct advertising. For understanding the notion of marketing tricks used by different brands better, we separate three leading companies to help you get to know different and distinguished ways you can flourish your future businesses.


Apple Marketing Strategy


 While many businesses strictly pay attention to advertising, Apple is probably one of the vague brands, which dared to be alternative and different in the mobile phone world. As you may have noticed, Apple has a relatively minimalistic approach to advertising and never promotes its products directly. You can see numerous movies or clips where iPhones are advertised without pointing them out necessarily. Apple in general has so important and influential reputation that it is enough of seeing its sign and people will buy it without any doubt. In addition, their ads are also operated by other companies, which aim to advertise that they want to sell iPhones.

Besides all these qualities, Apple used another smart way to make the noise of their products among people. It deliberately restricted the amount and flow of iPhones to mobile providers and customers, and when people wanted one and could not have, the fuss was inescapable. Hence, the ones who were not interested in buying iPhones before eventually got interested because of the “iPhone illness” of others, and as a result became iPhone lovers as well. And those are only some ways Apple promotes its products tacitly.

Samsung Marketing Strategy


Unlike Apple, Samsung Electronics highly put emphasizes on having a relatively traditional marketing strategy.  Mainly the majority of their successes is based on advertising, which means that Samsung has a relatively large marketing budget. What it does simply depend on media and print advertising. One of the noteworthy media advertising campaigns is live commercials, such as shows of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, where they very implicitly advertise for instance Samsung Galaxy S 3 device.

Moreover, the print advertising in popular magazines and journals yet is another great way to promote Samsung’s products. Samsung also uses sales promotion marketing tool more than any of its competitors. You can witness the promotion announcements on mobile phones, cameras, and accessories throughout the Samsung’s official website. Yet Samsung implements another advertising method, which is based on viral marketing. The brand finds it another effective advertising method used to associate the products with a sense of achievements and excitement.


LG Marketing Strategy


As positive as the slogan suggests ( life is good), LG Electronics values the importance of making its customers’ lives easier and better. It focused on creating an influential and differentiated brand identity. This can be understood from the first glance of the smiling human face of the unique slogan at the center, which shows the connection with the entire humanity.  Especially, its price strategy is one of the important aspects of its whole marketing strategy.

LG has great expenditures on advertising, particularly through traditional and digital channels. Its ads appear in many trustworthy magazines, newspapers, and also via TV and other online platforms. Yet LG has another clever marketing key, which enables the free flow of feedback from its customers, and their implementation. LG also markets its products through online videos. It has more than 500 videos uploaded on YouTube, which are both very informative and are also entertaining for the customers.  


Summing Up

As we compared the three leading brands of technology, we saw how different marketing strategies can be. It does not matter whether the marketing tool is the media ad or the slogan itself. The most important thing is that whatever you choose for the promotion of your products, make sure it creates a connection between you and your customers.

As it was evident from Apple’s example, you do not have to explicitly advertise your product, which seems quite a common and a normal phenomenon nowadays. Even little things can matter. However, this does not mean that you should not have a clear marketing plan ahead of you because implicit advertising is itself a strategy.  Identify your business, understand your customers, choose as marketing platforms, which will best fit your clients, and never forget that before you advertise, the quality matters first.

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