We all come across numerous companies every day which seem to be very similar to one another. When a new trend or tactic is used by one company, others try to imitate immediately, thus making the field very monotone in terms of their strategies, designs, and even functions. It becomes very hard for clients to differentiate the real, trustworthy, unique, and distinguished company because of rather outdated and repetitive methods implemented by them. As far as you may have noticed from our previous blogs, we love to make everything a little odder and interesting. If you want to change the direction of your business to be more eye catching, and keep your team motivated, follow our tips to make your business odder. Here we suggest several ways how you can create better, more varying and odder company, and how you can alter the current trends regarding both the company design and business management.

Change the Traditional Workspace Environment


While we talk about your company’s oddness and creativity in terms of the content and projects, we should not forget about the detrimental influences your workspace create on the people. Unfortunately, many businesses do not spend much money on design, underestimating its power and role in people’s perceptions and choices. However, we all may agree that people, especially younger generations demand freshness, and today’s trends lead us to create an environment which is strange, unique, and offers the oddest functions to people. For this reason, instead of only sticking to a traditional the office structure, such as cubicles, drab carpets, and rolling desk chairs, you can also include lockers and furniture with graffiti included to add a personal touch to your workplace. As it is known graffiti art is colorful and attention-grabbing, hence the representation of it in your offices or companies will highlight your modern, and odd company nature.

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Offer a Different way of Taking a Break


Whether we believe it or not, even the way you let your workers spend their breaks needs to be altered. What we encourage you to do is to include elements which can enable your employees to do something outside of the norm during the break. One way of doing so is to create fun spaces for breaks, which can include some tabletop games, to entertain your employees and drive them to work even more effectively and enthusiastically. An addition of a lounge space, kitchen, or library will be an effective way of taking a break without leaving the building. However, for doing so it may require a little bit observation to understand what your employees love to do outside of their jobs so that you make sure everybody finds his/her unique and comfortable space in your office. Another way to figure out the inclinations of them is offering surveys with different activities included, and understand how you can unite those people not only under the needs of the job but also under one family unity. Again, this tactic will only ensure that you have the oddest company ever which values its employees’ rights and preferences equally.

Hire Freelancers for Fresh Ideas


There are numerous reasons how freelancers can benefit your company. Currently, the concentration is placed to freelancers because of their flexibility, affordability, immediacy, independence, and experiences. Perhaps one of the important advantages is experience in terms of creativity, because freelancers have much deeper and trustworthy work journey than maybe the full-time office workers. Their experiences are not only important for the quality of your business, but also for the newer, fresher, and more various ideas and projects of your company. As the nature of freelancers itself is an ongoing chain of changes, the more people come and go, the higher your creativity level will be, and the possibility to adapt current trends will increase. One of the realistic examples to show a successful freelancer-based company is ODD Republic. The company partners with freelancers, and is proved to be very effective, great, in terms of combining the oddest and freshest minds ever.

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Summing Up

To sum up, it is worth mentioning that the suggested ways to improve and renovate your company are not there forever usage. In order to be creative and odd, you should follow the trends and make sure you walk along them. Of course, paying attention to the company design, the atmosphere of the workspace, and the quality of your activities will be dominating, but the ways by which you can accomplish and fulfill them may be quite different compared to now. However, there is one thing for sure; always listen to your employees, ask questions and never be afraid of admitting mistakes, because only in this way you can reshape the ideas of creativity and push them into beneficial practices.

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