Getting your company onto multiple social media platforms is a smart decision for any small or large business. While Facebook is a frontrunner in the social media world, other options are available to widen the reach of your business on social media. By opening a free account and providing some time on a regular basis, you can guarantee results in engaging with the world. When hearing about Instagram, many think of celebrities, luxurious lifestyle photos, or selfies, but getting your business on Instagram is actually a helpful decision. For this, we have a few reasons why you should invest a few minutes of your time each day open and actively use an Instagram business profile.

Access to Larger Audience


There are roughly 800 million users on Instagram as of 2017 statistics, of which over 15 million are those who have converted to a business profile. There are surely many other small companies who run on personal pages as well. Overall, you have access to this large audience of fresh minds and people who will be interested in what you have to offer. When opening an Instagram profile for your business, you can put your creativity to use by adding clever and eye-catching photos and hashtags to promote your business for the world to see. If you pay special attention to what hours and days are the most active and target your posts during these timeframes, you will be successful in growing your likes and followers. You can even interact with other Instagram businesses or personal brands to promote each other and gain mutual benefits.
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Emphasis on the Visual


Instagram is all about photos, videos, and stories, which makes the task of promoting your Instagram business a bit more interesting. Instead of crafting a large paragraph or text to use like on other platforms, on Instagram you can let your creativity roam and decide what content to post which will attract more followers and potential clients. On Instagram, viewers see your photo or video first hand, so this is what you need to pay the most attention on and then think about a matching caption to go with it. Once you understand which visual content attracts the most users, you can easily plan out the rest of your social media marketing. Instagram is a platform of for youth mostly, so fun and carefree posts are encouraged to relate to the contemporary mindsets. Try out fresher methods of marketing by experimenting with different promotions instead of the traditional. Those who are able to make a quick and simple first impression on social media have great potential for gaining clients and followers.

Opportunity to use Analytics


When you opt for an Instagram business profile, you get access to analytics which are only visible to you. With this setting, you get to see statistics on your followers and likes based on recent demographics of age, gender, and location. It’s important for any business to understand what their target audience is currently to understand what changes need to be made in future strategizing. According to these insights, you may choose paid promotion to place ads on photos or videos which haven’t gained much exposure or you want to direct traffic towards. You can choose between viewing your page or specific post insights to understand the engagement and impressions from your followers towards various posts.

Summing Up

When done right, Instagram can be used for your company’s advantage in promoting and keeping an active social media connection. Having an Instagram business profile gives you many extra functions specialized for businesses to be able to understand their shortcomings without any added costs. Getting your own page on Instagram and networking correctly is a task which may only take up a few minutes of each day, but can bring valuable traffic to your company. When you decide to showcase your company on social media, consider the advantages of using Instagram as well.

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