Hi everyone, it’s Arman here. I am the CEO of ODD Republic and in this blog post I will try to answer why are we called ODD Republic? What does it mean to be ODD? Why you should find your inner ODD? And finally the main question: why is ODD the new awesome? So let’s begin.

ODD republic

Why ODD Republic?

For giving the answer to this question I should tell you a bit about our history and how was the Republic founded. I was thinking for a long time on starting a company and one day when talking to our Branding Manager Elen we asked ourselves why not to begin now? And so full with energy and enthusiasm we decided to begin, but stop, how should we call ourselves? What would our company do? What will our place be in this universe? After thinking so much that our brains began to melt we came up with the most obvious of answers possible. Hey, why don’t we open a company that works as we want to and doesn’t matter what others think about it. Why shouldn’t our company be as odd as we are? And don’t know about myself, but Elen is really odd, believe me. So from this moment we knew exactly what our mission in this world is: Help everyone to find their inner ODD, unite every ODD person together, and conquer the world!!! Ok, the last one is a joke, we don’t plan any world domination. Not yet.

Soon after Narek an Hovhannes joined our little ODD team. Hovhannes became our Development manager and is doing a fantastic job with his team. Narek is our Country Manager in the US and mainly deals with our sales process. So this is it, now you know why we are called so and who are the people behind ODD Republic.

But now you should ask yourself

ODD people

What does it mean to be ODD?

Being ODD, my friends, means exploring your ODD sides and using them to be different from others. Yes, it really sounds easy, but try to be honest with yourself. You will see it is not that easy, our brain stops us, because mostly our dreams and the person we want to be will not be accepted by society, they are not normal, they are ODD. And that is the most important part here.We are all ODD inside and I find it fascinating. Don’t you? Don’t you really want to reveal your true self and at the same time to be accepted by others? Don’t you think it would make you happier in this life? I believe it will. And imagine, even for few seconds, a world where everyone is not judged (only by law of course, and only when you break it, we do not advise you to join the dark side), a world where everyone is ODD, where everyone can expose what he/she really capable of. That is our dream, that is the vision of our company and its mission is to create that world.

So here comes the next question

Why should you find your inner ODD?

The answer is as simple as 2+2. It is four! No really the answer is four.
1. It is hidden somewhere inside and has been waiting for you far too long already.
2. It is how your uniqueness will be revealed.
3. It would make you happier and with less complexes (everybody has them, don’t even try to deny, I won’t believe)
4. Finally being ODD means being awesome and I know you want to be awesome.

See, as I told you, just 4 points to convince you.

And here comes the question of the day

ODD is the new awesome

Why is ODD the new awesome?

Tell me, whom do we call awesome? The ones who want to be normal and care what society thinks about or the ones that are so afraid of doing anything that live whole their life on easy level? Neither. We admire people who stand out, do something we are afraid to do, the ones that are odd in their own style and we call them the awesome ones. That are the people who wants to be who they really are, do what they want despite public opinion and when they succeed, everybody lose their minds. Everybody begins to read about awesome people, tries to learn their secret of success, tries to be like them. But we all miss the point. Important is not what that people did or how, but why. Why did they decide to choose that road, why did they continue to move on while having failures? Why did that people become awesome? Because they accepted their ODD sides, made that sides their own face, style, weapon, call it how you want. All awesome people have one thing in common - they are all ODD for the others.

Now you understand why is ODD the new awesome, because it is the same thing. For becoming awesome you should become unique, for becoming unique you should find your ODD sides. We just skip a few steps.

So that’s all everyone. I hope this material will help you to understand our Republic better. Your opinion really matters for us, so leave a comment, write what you really think about it. Tell us what questions you have and what you would like to read next. Know what? Write what you want, be creative, be ODD ;)