Whether you are a marketer, a business owner or just a motivated student with high ambitions of running your own company, growing a market is a familiar scene to you, for sure. At some point in your ever-growing career, you have definitely employed distinct tactics to attract more customers or gain new network. Did they help? Even if they did, you are still reading this article, meaning you are on the way of learning more about client generation, a mind-blowing method that will change your perspective of your own business and will make you review the approaches you applied before.   

How it Works


In the contemporary world, it’s becoming more and more challenging for marketers to get heard through the noise of the public and reach their clients. For this reason, it’s important to understand how one can generate new clients efficiently. So, the first step is capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of expanding sales pipeline which we call lead generation. The methods to make it rain leads are numerous but is it what the company needs? Then how about having a handful of clients on a steady basis? The trickiest and most significant part is converting the lead into the client flow and as you already guessed, client generation is all about ensuring the traffic of customers by using others as a primary source of the lead production. If the process is handled successfully and new customers emerge, the referral gets paid. It takes plenty of time for a company to adopt this discipline, but as the real-world experience proved, it’s worth it.

Why is it so Special?  


If you are looking for a method that will provide consistent customer traffic along with allowing you to make money fast, then client generation is just for you. First of all, you don’t have to hire specialists to attract more customers since you are appealing them right from the lead. So, no extra payments. It’s like an ongoing chain which saves not only your time but your money by killing two birds with a stone. Also, the best thing about this system is accurate targeting. The person being served by your company can better identify potential clients. They are primarily in search of like-minded people as their candidates, the ones being prone to use your services alike. This makes the lead a pretty reliable source.

Client Generation at Odd Republic


Odd Republic is the oddest digital outsourcing agency in the solar system, where everyone can become a client generator and get paid 30% of total contract price once the sale with your client is successfully done. You probably think “Ugh, I don’t have the time,” but let me share the secret I held up to this point - Odd Republic is the best choice even if you have a tight schedule as long as you are the one to choose the how to operate. They offer two options- passive sales and active sales, and by generating clients through these alternatives, you can earn more than $4000 per month. Of course, it depends on your effort. By generating passively, you don’t spend much time on cold calls, emails, etc, which is mandatory in case of active sales, but rather mention the name of the company and the services they offer in your daily conversations with friends or just promote them on social media. However, while generating actively, you are required to complete the minimum work amount for the company and engage in the process of contacting people and introducing what Odd Republic suggests. Either way, client generation can be fun, as you’ll explore various tactics to use. Also, you can easily get in touch with the warmest team ever when having questions or concerns.

Summing Up

Proper customer attraction is a key to a successful career, and if you wish to take your business off the ground, you need to immerse yourself into the depth of client generation. While being currently employed by various agencies, it gives privileges more than harms, if any. We hope the provided overview helped you get a better grasp of what client generation is and how one can make more money through its application.

Interested in becoming a client generator for Odd Republic or still have some questions? Feel free to contact us in either case.