Since social media marketing has become an important present-day pillar, generating results and making your brand stand out from the rest is highly integral. After all, you just create a social media profile and start your journey to the endless loop of virtual reality. Seems easy enough, doesn’t it? But, I’m afraid, a hasty approach is going to knock down the whole campaign. Such mistakes are inevitable but what if we could share them with others so that they would not experience the same breakdown over and over? Then, let’s get started!

Don’t Spam Your Followers’ Feeds


Nothing irritates a user more than immediate blast with company’s advertising or direct contact. This holds true for any social platform. Flooding people with streams of a big chunk of information at once is a complete disaster. Take the time to build relationships with people and the opportunity to offer your services will come automatically. Just let your SMM take a natural course but don’t be spammy. If you are constantly posting the same information, you risk losing some of the followers along with your credibility. So, determining the golden middle of self-promotion and intriguing content can be very applicable in 2018.

Everything in Moderation


If all a post can provide is stale information, it is of little use to anybody. Obviously, freshness is of the essence in social media, but there is still this nuance: the shorter the post is, the more engagement it gets. Nobody bothers to read a long post until the headline is stunning. So, pay attention to titles and try to keep your posts brief but catchy alike. If you have all these points checked before publishing, the success of your social media marketing campaign is guaranteed.

Who Said Content?


Your content is the nucleus of your SMM in 2018 which can either take your business off the ground or diminish your reputation if not ruin at all. So, you need to create an interactive and insightful article or post to give a sense of personal corner to each reader and make them find themselves in each piece of writing. Simply spitting out required information is not enough, yet keeping the reader up on their toes until the very last moment is the marker of quality. So, consider experimenting with different elements of content marketing to see whether they are compelling to others or not.   

Expiring Posts


Providing frequent "check-ins" by potential customers, expiring content is a career thrust for marketers. To take the example of stories, they stick around for 24 hours only and the idea that the post is going to disappear within a limited time frame makes it a social trap. This trick affects a person psychologically injecting fear of lost opportunity. For this reason, it is a must use in social media marketing. Also, the temporary content makes a user feel their exclusiveness as if they are privileged to view it in time and others will not manage to do so.

Video Content


If you like watching cute cat videos, be prepared to see a lot more of them since the use of video content in SMM strategy is on the rise in 2018. Youtube is the second largest search engine on the web, and if you want to improve your SEO, then this method is for you. Modern society prefers visual interaction, and Youtube makes this possible in a way, as videos create strong emotional attachment and affect a user directly by ensuring higher engagement. Also, you can see colors, the body language as well as feel the tone of the speaker if the video includes one, and all these features evoke much greater attraction. Besides this, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are ranking video content as higher in terms in relevancy, which is why the majority of feeds is now overruled by animated content.

Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Approach


In the world of marketing, we don’t necessarily need to crank up the microscope on the interaction that typically happens on a given platform but rather need to focus on clients we are trying to reach out. Meaning if your overall strategy for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are exactly the same you may want to reconsider your plan. This is because each platform has its users and targets demographically and psychographically different audiences. To suit the needs and expectations of them all, you need to demonstrate an individual approach.

Summing up

Social media marketing can be quite lucrative if adequately employed. Of course, these times, marketers are trying to come up with distinctive solutions to attract more customers and enlarge their market. However, this will be done way too fast if you consider applying the above discussed do’s and don’ts in favor of your business, be it a digital outsourcing agency, like Odd Republic or any other company.

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