The biggest misconception out there regarding branding is that it stands for logos, slogans, design and etc. While the graphical representation of a product or a service is the main attention grabber, the whole process of branding functions on a much deeper level. A brand is not something that can be bought within a day, nor hired by the most talented designer to create within a week; a brand requires long and dedicated development in the course of time. Having the most eye catching logo does not mean having a brand, as regardless of its color plate and texture, it is nothing more than an empty icon if it does not stand or associate with anything. As it all boils down to the emotions, the expectations, a set of values that a product or a service represent, developed on 3 building blocks of branding.


Definine Your Business

The very first building block in brand development is having a clear picture of what one's business stands for. Before the customers get the chance to form associations with a product or a service it has to offer an already established and well defined story to sell. If a business can not define itself than nobody can and nobody would even bother. The strategy is to have a narrowed down descriptive statement  that clearly and simply tells what one's  business does and how it does it better than others.


Brand Voice

After having a story to sell, the next mission is to tell it and to do it convincingly. The second building block of branding that comes right ahead is having a clear voice to pass your story around. Sadly enough many of those who successfully depict their brand story, ignore the importance and the influence the brand voice has, thinking that a well thought story is great enough to be heard without even being told.  Many might know the cliché quote that goes "It is not what you say-but how you say it "and brand development is yet another field it needs to be applied. In some cases a story with a weak concept has more chances of standing out if it is crafted and expressed in a coherent manner, than a rich and engaging concept that is poorly worded and barely understandable.


Brand your people

After the two core building blocks are placed still it is time to move to a more engaging third block of brand development and that is branding not only the business but also the people involved, including the customers. It is all about creating a culture and integrating new people into it by selling them not only a product but a place in that community as well. People always want to be a part of something to identify with, and a well-defined brand handles them that opportunity. Brand your employees, make them feel as a part of a “tribe” and later brand your customers by making them feel as a part of that “tribe” when they purchase your service or product. Give your employees/customers branded terms to refer, link it to the core concept of your businesses to remind what your brand stands for. 


Brand is not the business itself but how it presents its appearance to the market. Brand does sell services or products but rather sells a set of values. The very first block in brand building is having determined what this set of values is before putting it out on the market. The delivery ,the strong brand voice are the what represent those set of values in one way or the other depending on how accurate they were crafted. Most importantly brand is the culture the community that embraces it. In the end it all boils down to the customers, the way a company treats them and the emotional response that they give. As eventually they are the one's forming associations and dictation the final definitions of the brand based on their personal experiences that they had with a product or a service. And the goal is to make them define the brand as it was originally intended or designed to be.


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