Our Brain, Our Enemy
Our Brain, Our Enemy

Our Brain, Our Enemy

By Arman Vardanyan | 17 May, 2018
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Arman Vardanyan

Position: CEO

The Dark Side

Today I would like to share with you some fears I am having lately. Fear of failure, fear of not doing enough, fear of loosing time, fear of wasting life. They can break you, can’t they? Fears hold you from doing anything, they poison your mind and instead of doing anything, you just waste time overthinking and what is worse avoiding the reality. Our brain is a very strange and sophisticated system that is not filtering what is good and what is bad, it doesn’t care, it doesn’t have ethics or morals. It is just doing what you are thinking, feeding your fears, distracting you from reality so you don’t fall into deep, very deep depression.

Therefore, we procrastinate, this is the reason of our failures, this is the reason we waste most of our day on social media, just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and sometimes posting some photos or statues updates in a hope to get many likes and comments to feed your broken self esteem that is hungry because of the lack of your action! And know what? Don’t blame anyone, don’t find excuses, there is only one person responsible of your life and that is YOU! Stop sending wrong commands to your brain, you are not a loser, the goals you have are not crazy, government is nor responsible to make you happy. The only thing you need now, is just do something. As my favorite Shia Labeouf says, “Yesterday you said tomorrow, so just do it!”  


The Bright Side

But no need for worries, because the same system works in the opposite way either. More you concentrate and do something productive more your brain wants from you. It’s like a drug, being proud of yourself for doing something important. Just remember those days when you go to bed knowing that you have overachieved today. It feels so good doesn’t it? But why don’t we feel the same every day? Why can’t we make us to work so hard every day and feel so good every time going to sleep. Because our brains tend to save energy, self-protection, that is how we str built. It is in our software to save energy for the future, but like any other programs it can be rewritten.

As I mentioned, our brain is not filtering, it just receives signals and starts organizing everything. For example, when you are working for 5 hours in a flow, without even noticing how time passes, but at some point, you remember that you haven’t eaten for 5 hours, what happens? Right your brain starts thinking about food and you start to get distracted until you leave your work and go after a snack. Don’t understand me wrong, food is one of the most important aspects of our life, but this example illustrates how important controlling our thoughts is for our life.


The Solution

So what you should do? 2 very simple but hard things.

1. Start filtering your thoughts. When you catch yourself again on some self-distracting or procrastinating thoughts, change the topic immediately. Start thinking about something you have done and proud of yourself and something you need to do. You brain will link these 2 things to each other and you will not even realize how fast you will start doing it. Which is our number two.

2. Make yourself do what needs to be done. Write down your daily to do list, track what are you doing, and plan your day. It may sound a bit not funny way to live, but, believe me, it pays itself in a long-term. And besides, who says that working and doing productive stuff doesn’t mean to not have fun?

Even though humans are prone to acting by impulse, ultimately we are in charge of our minds and where we direct our energy to.  It becomes difficult when, besides external pressure, the cells in our own brains are sometimes against us as well. But at the end of the day we must remember that we were granted rationality in order to develop the world into bigger and better things, and we should embrace that.

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