Whether you are simply managing a Facebook business page for fun or a well-established company, you may have noticed difficulty in gathering organic views, likes, and followers. If you think similarly, then you are surely not imagining the recent declines of organic reach. We are going to look at exactly why organic Facebook reach may possibly be considered non-existent in 2018 and how you can outsmart recent algorithm changes to work in your advantage.

Where Exactly This Starts From


As a manager of several Facebook business pages, it isn’t difficult to catch that even with amazing content, some posts just aren’t bringing in likes past a certain point. To understand why this is happening, we have to look at the source of where reach even comes from our News feeds. With endlessly increasing Facebook pages daily, along with newly added friends, it’s nearly impossible for each person to see absolutely all actions from the pages they have liked and the friends they follow each moment. Honestly, this isn’t something you would actually want since similar to real life, you don’t favor everything and everyone equally. There are some things we admit to like more than others, which is why Facebook adjusts News Feeds based on individual relevancy. Those people and pages which you interact with more are likely to appear in your feed actively, while sometimes you might not even get a single post on your feed from someone you never talked with. Besides Facebook filtering the posts, the viewers do this as well by “starring” pages and people relevant to them to see first, and if you aren’t in someone’s “starred” list, then you will have a harder time getting sufficient organic reach.

Spend More, get More


So what do you do if people aren’t interacting with your page? You have to give them a driving force in your direction. One way of doing this is by sponsoring your page or individual posts, otherwise known as “Boosting” with paid methods. You have to be prepared to accept that even if you have a few thousand followers, maybe over 50% won’t be seeing your content because filters deem it as irrelevant content. This is why many page owners are considering to boost important posts in order to bring in more people who will possibly stay as frequent followers of the page. It turns out that in order to have organic reach in the long run as a successful brand, you must invest to some degree. Those who strictly want to run their Facebook campaigns on a budget are still free to do so, but filtering and restrictions are making the task of gathering organic reach nearly impossible without some financial support.

How to Work Around It


Officials claim that all this is being done to better individuals’ Facebook experience instead of specifically targeting page owners to have a tough time. At the end of the day, there is always a way to outsmart a cycle, you just have to understand how it runs. While the Facebook algorithm isn’t explicit, there are ways to make it work in your favor. As we mentioned above, interaction with your page is necessary which is why posts which require people to “tag” others in the comments are becoming more popular. The more people interact, the more likely this content is to show up on their feeds, and even on the feeds of their friends. Besides this, Facebook has deemed video content to rank higher than regular photos or status posts. By creating more videos or live videos, you have a higher chance of popping up on someone’s feed.

Summing Up

There are many ways to work around the toughest situations, but it requires working smarter instead of harder. With the decline of organic reach, competitors are more prepared than ever to make sure their posts excel other pages’. Can we conclude that Facebook organic reach is really dead in 2018? To some extent this is true. The process has just become much more complicated to reach better results without taking paid shortcuts, but algorithms can’t stand in the way of great determination and smart tactics.

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