If you are reading this article now, then you have faced some trouble in staying positive recently. But don’t be frustrated, in next few minutes you will learn how to stay positive in any situation you may face in your life and how to overcome challenges on your way. But first of all learn these words by heart and make them one of your life mottoes: “Challenges are not bad, challenges help me to become better”.

Read it once again: “Challenges are not bad, challenges help me to become better”. Now I will tell you why. For not wasting too much words and your time, let’s learn on an example. Whole your life your mother was always there to cook something tasty whenever you wanted, life in a Heaven I would say. And then you move to your own apartment and now you live alone. Well done, you are a big boy/girl now, but it’s late night now, you are hungry as lion, but for some reason you can’t offer. So you go and open your fridge and find only some eggs and a few vegetables. So what do you do now? You starve, because you do not know how even to prepare an egg. Whole your life you lived without any challenges in food preparing so you didn’t evolve your skills. But what if you had to prepare your food yourself? What if your mother worked a lot and you stayed alone at home from time to time? You would face challenge of cooking a lot and would totally learn how to not stay hungry. So now you won’t look like this cute cat below.

how to overcome challanges

Cooking is only one example in countless possibilities of situations you can face in life, so how you should stay positive? Instead of living the easy way and avoiding challenges, face them.
Easy to say, but almost impossible to do you would say. And I will answer you, don’t be a weakling. You can overcome any challenge and stay positive in the same time and these tips will show you how to do that.

You are not the only one to face it

I know it is hard to accept that you are not the center of the world and not the most unique creature alive, but 99 % of the challenges you face have existed before. So how difficult your situation is, keep in mind that someone has already faced the same challenge and they have found the way out. The best thing you can do is to read. Read and study your craft, your industry, and the problems other people have endured on their own quests forward. Read and learn from their mistakes, and then apply what you've learned to your own unique situation.

Nothing is impossible

Before your inner critic wakes up and tries to bring examples like you can’t breathe in space, I will tell you that there is always a solution, in this case you can wear a space suit.
You can find not one, but many solutions for the same situation, all you need is to think a bit longer. There are veeeery few things that are technically impossible now, but we will find solutions for them either.

There's always a solution

Yes, this is almost the same as the previous one. But it is worth repeating, “There is always a solution -- you just haven't found it yet”.
But what do you do when face a different situation? “There is no way, I can do nothing to solve it!” Bravo this is how you fail in your life. Moreover, imagine if you are a team leader and you give up. What about others? This sort of thinking does nothing to help you or your team move forward.
Instead, say to your team and first of all to yourself, "No worries, we will figure this out, there must be a solution." Now keep moving in that direction and you'll be amazed with what obvious answers suddenly rise to the surface. Like this guys did, not the best solution of course, but it worked.

how to stay positive in any sitution

Ask someone more experienced than you

You don’t solve any problems sitting alone in a dark room until you find the solution (If you are not an evil scientist of course). There is nothing bad in asking for help. One head is good, two is better. Interact with people, use your network when you come up with a challenge you can’t solve alone. Don’t try to do everything alone, it is ok to ask for help, especially from people experienced than you.

You get what you give

Remember this lesson with higher attention. If you give negative energy, you will get negative energy. When something goes wrong everyone tries to blame the other, the other one blames another one and so the circle goes on.
It's important, especially when faced up against an obstacle, that you realize whatever you start offering energetically to the situation is what will come back to you. If you remain open and in a positive problem-solving state, then the answers will float your way. If you close off and start blaming other people, then guess what -- people are going to start blaming you too.

So here is it now you know how to stay calm in any situation and overcome any challenge. It needs some time and work to do, but I am sure you can do it. And one more thing, I can’t cook ;)