In the age of social media, many people no longer type a website in their search engine to read interesting content on. News, entertainment, fashion, sports, and anything else which interests a person is often viewed by scrolling through their social media. Whatever pops up of their interest is what they continue to read. This is a nightmare for bloggers who may or may not pay money to keep their personal websites and blogs running. If you have noticed a downfall in active readers to your blog or want to increase your views in general, then we have a few steps you can take to save your failing blog.

Social Media Traffic


As briefly mentioned, 2017 is the age of social media interaction. It is a great time for content creators of all spheres to unite online with their ideas. For this reason, if you are visible on social media, then you have a higher chance of grabbing the attention of anyone scrolling through their phone. Social media traffic is even used by bloggers with thousands and millions of readers to constantly keep their content right in front of their eyes of viewers. Those who are interested will follow the links to the actual blog

This is important to keep in mind, especially if you are a newer blog with less average visits to the webpage. You must begin bringing traffic to your blog through social media platforms. Either you may do this from your personal account, or make a separate account for your blog and update posts on there.

Since you are a new blog, there isn’t much chance you are very searchable on any search engines yet (Google, Yahoo) so you must rely on this method in the beginning to set yourself a foundation of regular readers. You may have content that many people are interested in, but they don’t know how to reach your website manually. The readers need that extra supportfrom social media to direct them towards your blog.

Monetizing your Blog


If you are happy with the amount of people visiting your blog, but it isn’t paying off financially as much as you would like, then consider adding advertisements. Especially if these advertisements are related to the topics you discuss in your blog posts regularly, they will not bother the readers as much as ads for completely unrelated topics. Moderate the amount of ads you accept as well since having too much is overwhelming to the reader, and may make you seem as if you are only interested in the profit and not the viewers. Find advertisers with the best interests of you and your blog, this perhaps will increase your chance of collaborating with certain companies later on. In the future, you may be able to sponsor contests and giveaways with these companies, which again will benefit the flow of viewers to your blog.

New blog content


If the previous steps didn’t work out, then unfortunately the issue may be your content. Readers are looking for something to grab them from the first moments. Perhaps what you are posting is not in the best interests of the audience you are directing it to. Experiment with different types of content for you blog. Try to notice patterns in what topics gained the most reactions by viewers, and try your best to create more content in that category.If you are working with a team or group of people, try re-organizing the content each person produces for the blog. Find which sections are doing better than others, and change that accordingly to which subjects are gaining more interest from viewers.

People constantly seek new and fresh ideas, so if something is trending for some time there isn’t a guarantee it will interest people forever. You must constantly be on the lookout for what your competitors are doing, and also what the readers are interested in currently. Think of creative implementations to your blog to make it personal and stand out from the rest, and you won’t have a problem anymore with bringing hundreds of readers to your page.

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