A logo is your company's identityan integration of everything your brand stands for. It is often the icon customers see first when visiting your website or social media account. So, having something simplified and memorable on your profile dictates your potential clients’ first impression. Now, you don’t need to pay a fortune to make a high-quality logo that grabs attention straightaway since it’s quite possible to handle this at reasonable prices if you know where to look.

Online Logo Makers and Apps


There are tons of websites rendering logo design services free of charge thus allowing a person to create a logo within minutes. Some examples include Canva, SiteBuilder, TailorBrands, Free Logo Services, Graphic Springs, UCraft, Shopify, etc. In most of the cases, the access to these websites is not limited to certain individuals which means you can be in charge of the emblem of your company. All you have to do is select a template, improvise with colors and fonts, and you’re set to go! Start creating wherever you want; be it on the bus, at your office or in your bed right before having a nap. The same goes for mobile apps but here is one more advantageyou can save your scratches and make revisions anytime. Consider using mobile logo creators such as Makr, Icona, DesignMantic, Quick Logo Design +, Logo Factory App. They are easy to use and do not take up much space on your phone. Let’s say you just started your business and what you need is a well-designed logo as soon as possible. Instead of going through the endless list of designers and finding one that suits your demands and expectations, do it on your own. Nevertheless, there are some templates you need to unlock through payment for permanent usage.

Freelance Designers


The money paid to an individual or an organization, for availing their graphic design services is an investment for your business, but as an entrepreneur, the first thing that comes to your mind while hiring services is the cost. So, there is no doubt that freelance designers is the most cost-effective choice. Except they have flexible working hours, so, cooperation with these specialists isn’t going to be a time-consuming process. There has been a huge trend in developed countries to outsource IT and logo development work because of the drastically low rates. Among those, it’s worth mentioning Odd Republic which is an LA-based digital outsourcing agency offering a variety of services, including graphic design. They have experienced freelancers in their pipeline from all around the world who provide high-quality services at incredibly low prices. Also, the company ensures fast delivery treating each client individually and eliminating the time lag between the completion of design and its transfer. What you will get as a client is personal attention to your project and honest approach to the given task. So, if you are looking for highly-skilled designers to get a quality result without hampering your bottom line, you already know where to find.

Buying a Logo


Another thing you can do to make a logo on a budget is to buy a crafted one. Although this option has limitations for fairly obvious reasons, some people find it quite convenient to opt for a desirable emblem in online platforms like Logo Ground, Envato Market, Brandcrowd and so on. These are hubs for designers with different backgrounds showing off their works for commercial purposes. A great place to hunt unless you don’t care about the negotiation process. The drawback of these websites is that there is a fixed cost and no matter how hard you try, you cannot affect the logo price. However, unlike formerly discussed alternatives, you don't have to wait for delivery even a minute. Nothing can be compared to this means of design services, regarding the time aspect. Pick the model you like, fill out your credit card data and the logo is in your basket. It can be a bit tricky to select the one that suits your brand’s profile best unless you imagine every detail of your logo but if you don’t have anything in your mind, make sure to check out all the websites above for inspiration and possible solutions.

Summing up

Logo design is not as trivial as it may seem, nor is it something that’s worth colossal investment. Today most of the companies get quality result paying less than ever. If you have a small budget that allows you only one shot to get it right, don’t miss it. Hopefully, the tips suggested above will help you design a great logo that will boost your brand leaving your competitors behind.

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