Having a social media page is a great way to boost your visibility. However, the management of social media for business purposes is not as simple as it might seem from the first glance. Posting or sharing content for promotional purposes on the page of your campaign is not the same as writing a status update on your personal account. In order for your posts, tweets or page in general to get noticeable, certain steps should be considered.

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Just the right amount

Having a page online is only the first step which necessarily does not make any difference unless managed properly. A page that had its last update posted a month ago is practically dead. By contrast, updating your page every two seconds does not make any good either. Both of the extremes are equally toxic. Posting way too much is definitely the wrong approach to take, as your audience would certainly not appreciate having their news feed bombarded. Indeed, it is essential to be active and updated to survive online, but keep in mind that is not about the quantity but the quality. Boosting your social media page is not dependent on the number of posts but rather on their relevance. Do not occupy the newsfeeds of your audience with posts they would get annoyed with. Keep your posts relevant, informative and most importantly appealing to your followers. There is already too much spam online, and there is no need to keep on adding it.

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The 4-1-1 rule

Originally designed for Twitter, the rule 4-1-1 can be applied to many other social media platforms as it has proved its efficiency in use. According to the rule for every promotional or business post there should be 4 posts with lighter content. To specify, for every self-serving post about your product, services or company 4 pieces of relevant information or content made by others should be shared. For example: news, re-posts, contests, job openings, jokes, images, videos etc. The rule is applicable in a sense it helps you update your page when you have run out of content and have nothing to post. Secondly, it is a handy technique to keep your presence online without constantly pushing your sales on those who follow you. More importantly, it is an excellent method to connect to people via social media and engage in conversations with both your audience and organizations.

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Timing is everything

Wrong timing will lead to your posts getting drowned in the ocean of information; thus precise timing is required to make sure your content reaches your audience. Precise timing includes understanding the hours your target is the most active online, in addition to the media that you are tracking. A simple example of bad timing would be posting content during Friday evenings especially when targeting young audience. It is clear that your post will not make its way to your flowers as those are the hours your target is more likely to be outside or socializing, rather than browsing the web. It is understandable that sometimes you can not wait to share the ground-breaking news about your latest project or the revolutionary innovations you came up with or announce your upcoming collaboration with your new partners, but everything has its own time to shine and in most cases it is not now.

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Know all the right places

Before sharing your content it is important to take into account not only questions what and when but also where to post. Despite being somewhat similar in their design and functions, various social media platforms are in fact quite different in the content they are the most suitable for. A good understanding of both strengths and weaknesses of popular social media platforms is a huge advantage which helps to determine where your page would get more noticeable and where it is practical to share your content. For instance Facebook, being the largest social website, is perfect for building and promoting your brand as it is the platform used by the majority. However, Facebookfilters the posts from appearing on the newsfeeds of its users, thus relaying solely on Facebook is not the best choice. By contrast, Twitter is a great alternative for sharing news or posting quick updates. Unfortunately the possible inconvenience of using Twitter is its character limit, which is 140 letters per tweet. For those whose campaign is visual based, Pinterest is the best platform to opt for. The name itself already says that the main focus is driven on image base content with no need for long texts to follow. At the same time, the weak spot of Pinterest is its audience diversity, which is mostly limited to young girls and women.

Hunting Down The Prey

Promoting you content on social media is somewhat similar to hunting, as both require precise timing and a good understanding of both your prey and the surroundings. You track down your audience and catch the right moment to strike. A good hunter should be perfectly aware of the places the prey can be found. Every qualified hunter carries a map to follow the prey, and when it comes to online hunting the role of the map is held by the demographics of social media users. A research-report by Pew Research Center carefully observes the demographics of various social media users including Pinterest, the example of which was previously mentioned. According to the data collected in 2015, the amount of female users on Pinterest continues to dominate in addition to young users being the most active.

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When posting your content online you should consider when and where your information is going. As if not timed and organized in advance, your information is going to be lost and hidden away from your followers. Sharing your content should be perfectly planned on the basis of the active hours and the media platforms used by the target. With a well-crafted strategy success is guaranteed.