Advertising has reached the point where if you don’t exist on the Internet, then you might as well not be relevant. All businesses need their online presence to be notable in order to gain viewers and clients since this is where people spend the majority of their time. Starting a website is quite a large responsibility to maintain whether you are a start-up, established company, or blogger. With such a high demand for websites, you need to weigh in the options and be careful of excessive spending. For that reason, we will discuss exactly how much you should be paying for a website.

It may cost Absolutely Nothing!


Great demand comes with great options and one of those is getting a website for free via free website builders. These platforms all you to sign up, choose a domain, and then begin customizing your website onto a ready-made template. With a platform such as Wordpress, you can build up on the template to make it more personal if you have the design and coding skills. This is a great option for blogging or personal use websites which you don’t plan on gaining profit from later on. While the website is free, you still need to invest time into maintaining the website, but the various built-in tools make your task much simpler than doing it by hand and cheaper than hiring a professional. With this method, you pay nothing besides any extra changes you want made.

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The Middle Road


A step up from paying nothing for a website, you also have a middle option if free websites aren’t of your interest. You always have the option of starting off with a free website base or a low-budget plan by the website builder of your choice, then pay for added changes. You avoid paying unnecessary money for a fully customized website, but at the same time recieve something more original than the free templates. This will cost you anywhere up to $1000, depending on the complexity of the changes you demand and the professional status of the person you hire. This is a relatively better option for those on a tighter budget, and you always have the opportunity of making changes over time according to your needs.

Fully Customized Websites


For those who don’t want anything to do with other platforms and want a completely original website, then you will have to do it by scratch. Even if you are skilled in coding and design, fully customizing your own website nonetheless requires patience and effort. There are many things you need to take into consideration, such as purchasing a proper domain (which alone may cost you a few thousand dollars) to all the underlying mechanics of the website. Most free platforms already supply you with a majority of the technical work done, leaving you to customize. In the case of ordering a fully customized website, you should be willing to let your wallet lean towards anywhere from $5000 and more. Again, this depends on exactly how over-the-top you want your website to be. The better quality you want, the more you have to be willing to pay for your website.

Summing Up

Overall, there are three main routes when deciding how much you should pay for a website. Be careful not to over spend for services that you do not receive, such as paying thousands merely for a website built on top of a template. Many professionals decide to charge excessive amounts for simple tasks you may even be able to do yourself. Always weigh in the complexity of the website you want against the price you are paying and you will avoid overpaying for a website.

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