The moment when a website loads completely, the visitor already starts forming an immediate first impression. Judging from both the design and the level of pleasure it brings to the eye, a viewer may already choose to leave or stay on the given website. For this purpose, it is valuable to spend time in planning out the color choices for your website to have an effective design and branding. While designing, many get carried away with animations, photos, and fonts that they often forget the power that colors have for the overall image of the website. We will go over some tips and also common mistakes that many make when opening their website to ensure smarter decision-making in future projects.

Choosing a Palette


The first step you need to take when choosing the best colors for your website is to identify your primary and complementary colors. Choose one dominant color for your website, along with ideally 2 other secondary colors to compliment it. This doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors in your theme, but keeping the top 3 in mind will make your job easier while providing consistency. Choosing the color is ultimately up to you, but try to use colors that offset each other as well. This means avoid using 3 dark colors or 3 bright colors, use a neutral color like white or beige to balance out the other two to avoid being unappealing to the eyes of the viewer.

Match Colors to Theme


It is also important to take your website content into consideration when choosing colors for your website. If you are targeting children as your audience, think towards bright and playful colors. If you are going for a minimalist blog or fashion website then consider cold or pastel colors which won’t clash with photos that you plan to post. News or informative websites want their written work to be under the spotlight, which means that even 2 colors may be enough for your website. It is a smart choice to use calmer colors, like blue and white along with simple black text so the reader is not distracted by the brightness of your website. This color combination is proven to the be most effective and appealing to viewers.

Keep it Consistent


Once you have your colors and theme prepared, stay loyal to it! Consistently use this palette throughout all of your webpages and even social media platforms. These colors are now your website’s identity and become a part of your personal brand. It is in this instance that diversity is not beneficial for anyone. If you have completely different color combinations and design choices on every page of the website, this ruins the consistency of your brand. You don’t need every color of the rainbow to make the page attractive to the viewer. All pages of your website must be coherent with each other so the viewer doesn’t think each page is a completely new website, but they tie all pages to your image.

Everything in Moderation


Now that you have your website colors prepared according to your website theme and a consistent use of it, you must think of moderation. Just because you are concentrating on your primary and complementary colors doesn’t mean they have to be everywhere! Many websites make the mistake of putting entire texts of their websites with their brand colors. Simple black or white text is just fine in this case, so don’t go to the extreme by making everything in your website pink. Dark colors are your enemy in this situation since having too much black with dark colored text isn’t a pleasurable reading experience for any viewer.

Summing Up

When choosing the best colors for your website, which may later become your brand, there isn’t one right answer. Some people and designers have a way of making the craziest color combinations work in their favor, but it’s always good to be wary of your choices. Go and visit any of the endless websites on the Internet to look for combinations that work best; even ask your peers or viewers for feedback as well. Creativity is in your hands so mix and match until you find what works best for your style.

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