The quick-paced development of the Internet allows anyone to open their own website within an hour, even for free. Finding an online website building platform isn’t a difficult task, and one of the globally prominent ones is Wordpress. For people and businesses on a tight budget, getting a free website up and running is a tempting offer compared to paying for a custom one. If you aren’t sure about using Wordpress as a base for your blog or website, we will discuss the pros and cons of using free Wordpress themes.

Well, It’s Free


When you receive something for free, the advantages and disadvantages are different sides of the same coin. Opening a website and getting a free Wordpress theme is tempting for any low budget company or start-up. Free services are a relief in the beginning, but you may notice discontent later on when you have more complex needs. With the free options and themes, you are supplied with limited options for your website, therefore you have little wiggle room. Even if you are someone who just needs a basic website without any fancy add-ons, your website will not go through much development after some time, especially if you are entering a competitive market. Starting off free is a smart choice on your pocket, just don’t forget to make sure your quality and efficiency is up to par for your viewers.  

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Theme Format and Functionality

With each Wordpress template or theme, you get a layout and functions that fit a variety of needs. Wordpress gives users SEO-optimized themes of varying levels, while allowing plugins and external functions to be used to enhance the capabilities. You also are free to use the friendly admin panel which allows you to make posts with only a few clicks. These basic functions are something you don’t have to struggle over to do from scratch, which will save you a lot of time. A lot of the coding and function work is already done for you, which is great for those who aren’t experienced in this or don’t want to hire a professional to make the changes. Many of these functions are enough to maintain a successful website, but if you want to modify the functions beyond the free template possibilities, you will have to do it manually.

Make it Personal


There are hundreds of free Wordpress templates and themes to choose from, both on their website and by third party source downloads. Each come with their unique design, formatting, color pallette, and functions, depending on what purpose you want your website to serve. Browsing through, you will certainly find at least one (if not many) current themes that will meet your needs and personal taste. This is a great way to start, but later on making additional changes to design will require knowledge of coding and implementing design changes besides the existing functions that Wordpress supplies you with. If you don’t mind thousands of others being able to use the same Wordpress templates as you and are only concentrated on the content, then this isn’t a problem for you. In order to have a unique and personalized website, you may need to opt for paid services or learning how to make these changes yourself, which may be time consuming.

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Summing Up

From a basic blog to a company page, e-commerce, or even just personal use, a free Wordpress template is affordable and efficient for many users. We went over the pros and cons simultaneously so you know whether to invest time into using this platform to begin your online presence in whatever field you desire. You always have the option of building on top of the free template to customize according to your personal needs. While this will require additional efforts, time, and even possibly money, as long as you find great quality for a modest price, any investment towards your website will be beneficial in the long-run.

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