525,600. This is the exact number of minutes in one year. Just spell it, five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred. It sounds very long, doesn’t it? How much we can do in such a long period of time. I love Christmas holidays for one thing. And it is not shopping for presents, nor the spirit of festiveness all around, not even a few days without work. I love Christmas time because this is the time of the year when you can just stop rushing through your life not knowing what’s going on and how to handle everything. This is the time of the year when you can look back and ask yourself “what the hell is going on in my life?”

Now I am looking back at my life and I will try to show you what do I see. Imagine myself as a magician from a Christmas fair, who tries to tell your future by telling some nonsense and charging $20 for his outstanding work. But I will not ask money from you for reading my blog post (but it would be a good business idea, I will write it down for a future). And even if it will sound like nonsense I will tell you about my life as I see it. 

It was not an Easy Year


 Leaving a job and opening an international digital agency out of nowhere is not an easy job my friends, I can assure you. Especially the first months were challenging, but I wasn’t giving up because I knew the hard way is the right one. Now, in my mind I’m trying to go through the days when I was feeling desperate or angry or hopeless, but I can’t remember them, just some scenes and events, that I am sure those will be forgotten too. But the feeling is still here, I get an anxiety attack again while trying to remember those days. I hope that feeling never goes away, because that feeling makes me appreciate the life I have now more.

It was a Year of Wins and Losses


 People say that coin always has two sides. And they are right. On the one hand I had a beautiful, eventful, and successful year regarding ODD Republic, which is the embodiment of my dreams of creating a place where people can come and be their oddselves and work on bringing their own dreams to life. But on the other hand, it was a year of personal sacrifices: relationships, time spent with family and friends, and not seeing your loved ones for days is the price for working day and night. I can’t tell you if I was right in my sacrifices and if you should do the same, I really don’t know. Life will tell and I think for each us the same steps taken in life can bring different outcomes.

It was a Year Worth Living


After a few months of hell, everything started to improve in April: first clients, first additions to the team, new projects, new people, new ideas, money! I can’t say that I am leaving my dream now, but I know that I am on the right way and I can clearly see that life ahead waiting for me :) But most importantly, now I have an awesomely odd team of people around me and each of them makes ODD Republic better in their own way. They are the most important of my achievements this year. Nothing stands close to having a team of 10 people behind your back, who share your ideas and contribute in your dream as much as you do, sometimes even more!

Next Year Will be a Better One


I am always thinking this way and it never lets me down. A positive mindset is half of the job. And the next year won’t be an exception. We have some great plans for ODD Republic starting from January! So you better to follow us to not miss anything. Next Christmas I am sure I will look back and get amazed of what we have achieved during those 525,600 minutes. Now I will stop looking back and getting too nostalgic and excited and look ahead again and get into my rushing life.

Don’t be afraid to be odder next year, chase your dreams and don’t regret decisions you are going to make. Life is too short for wasting time :) Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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