Hello everyone, Elen speaking and I am Branding Manager at ODD Republic. Today we will learn 8 essential steps of how to develop your personal brand. But why do you need it? Because it is essential today for personal development, career advancement and even establishing yourself as a leader. So let’s get started.


1. Get a professional profile picture

To be accepted as professional you should look as a professional. As research shows for having really good profile picture you should: Smile with teeth and squinch, wear dark-colored suits, be only head-and-shoulders or head-to-waist in the photo and photo should be an asymmetrical composition.

2. Be discoverable online

If you want to be famous, and you want it, you should take into account that people will start to search you. But how would they find you? For making their job easier you should use your real name in all your profiles and try to optimize your nicknames to the same one where possible.

3. Learn to listen

People tend to like persons who listen to them. Everybody likes to express his/her own point of view, to tell what they think and if you listen to them and don’t interrupt, they will consider you a very likeable person. And what can help develop a personal brand than being loved and respected?

4. Practice writing

But with only listening you won’t become popular. You need to express your own thoughts and on regular basis, the last part is a milestone here. So think before you write something. For what content you want to be known for? Why should people follow you? Write in your own style, post status updates, have a blog, whatever you want and write what your target needs and with time you will master skill of writing and post shareable content.


5. Update your digital presence

We live in times, when almost everyone has a social media profile. Doesn’t mean on what channel you are, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, but I know you are there, if not on all the channels simultaneously as I am. So keep your profiles up to date, link them together so people can find you on other channels easily. Tell you more always include your social media links wherever you appear. Doesn’t matter if it is a blog post, interview to a local journal or an online profile, for having a developed personal brand online your social profiles always need to be connected.

6. Have your professional branding statement

ODD is the new awesome! Now whenever you read or listen words awesome or odd you will remember this. You can learn why did we choose it from the “Why is ODD the new Awesome” blog post, but let’s focus on you. Your branding statement must be catchy, triggered and emotional. It must include interests of your audience, include your mission and reflect your vision. Let’s break to pieces our own branding statement. Our audience consists of people who expect awesome work from their service providers, in our case from ODD Republic digital agency. Our vision is that everyone is ODD inside and when all ODDs wake up we will get more productive, happier and better society. Now you can easily guess our mission, to help everyone find their own oddness and become uniquely awesome with it.

7. Share your experience

We all have some great experience in our life. Some travel to amazing places, some it delicious food, others meet extraordinary people, do exciting things, etc. There is something interesting in lives of all of us, so why don’t we share it? Share it with others, let them learn from you something new every day, let them experience the same thing, even on the distance, but that would make them happy. It is essential for you and your personal brand to be interesting and for being interesting you should share experience that is rememberable.

8. Be social

Always interact with your followers. Answer their comments, follow and comment their own pages, meet them around a cup of coffee, let them know that you are a person who lives real life and not just a page posting cool staff. More people you interact, more people will feel themselves special and more will respect and love you. And this is the best way to develop your personal brand.
So here it is, practice these 8 steps to develop your personal brand and you will soon see how you will get results and all the world will be at your feet. And by the way, you can get more awesome content at our ODD blog.

And do not forget
ODD is the new Awesome!