While the notable Facebook empire is expanding, most members of the younger generation are moving onto Instagram for a fresh experience. Since the app contains less spam related posts, and restricts usage to people who own a smartphone, teens and young-adults favor the free-spirited atmosphere it creates, and even decide to make profit out of it at the same time. While people used to joke or criticize Instagram models and fitness enthusiasts a few years ago, it's exactly these categories which are bringing in sponsorships for amateurs and professionals in the field.

Before you are able to get that sponsorship to make money from the website, there are quite a few margins to reach. Building your profile up to tens of thousands of followers can't be achieved unless you are aware of some helpful tactics. Now we will teach you how to become an Instagram star and rock with this 5 tactics.

First step: Content


As you start painting on the blank canvas of your profile, or adjusting your existing one, you need to think about content. Instagram only allows public photos along with their captions to be visible on your page, unlike other platforms which allow large texts and statuses. You need to choose wisely which photos you post that will be attention-grabbing, but at the same time reflective of your personality and image.

You must choose a direction for your profile, whether you want it to be strictly photography related or include aspects of your personal life as well. Each of these may still be divided into more categories, including landscape photography, beauty, fitness lifestyles, food photography, and so on, depending on your interests. 

Second step: Quality


If you are striving to reach those maximum follower counts, you need to be wary of the types and quality of photos you post, despite which direction you take. Clear images with the best lighting you can manage, whether with your phone or professional camera, is recommended. Dark, blurry, and confusing photos are less likely to be viewed, especially if they aren't relevant to your profile. Mixing screenshots of quotes or jokes, along with a blurry photo, and then another high quality photo are not consistent for your profile. Sometimes you will have to compromise which items to post for the sake of not disrupting your clear layout.

Third step: Theme


Having a theme is one of the most tricky aspects of Instagram to master, a step that I myself have not been able to keep consistent over a long period of time. While some people will claim that a theme is not necessary to gain followers, it surely is helpful for beginners who do not yet have much notoriety. Having a consistent theme for a great length of time is appealing to the eye, and will make people intrigued to scroll through your profile and hit that “follow” button. There are endless possibilities for themes, and each person chooses to create their own or follow those of more prominent instagrammers. First, begin with choosing a shape for your theme. Decide between all square photos, all landscape, or any other size offered by the cropping tool which you prefer. Keeping all photos at the same shape will ensure that they blend well in your profile among all the rest.

Next in deciding your theme, you will need to mix around filters and photo adjusting options. You can keep it as simple as one generic filter offered by Instagram, or invest in downloading apps which offer filters to your liking. Some opt for a darker theme, others colorful, or completely neutral. The choice is up to you, so have fun experimenting with the different looks.

Fourth step: Traffic


Now that we covered everything related to your profile creating process, you need a way to bring traffic to your page. The best method for this is to post regularly, if possible post once every two or three days at least. You may post every day if you have the resources, but also remember that over-posting is not pleasant to followers, so limit yourself from uploading ten photos in one day as well.

To be followed, you also need to follow others. Begin by following your close friends or celebrities and pages that interest you. Interact with these pages by liking and commenting if you have an opinion towards the post. This will make you visible among the millions of other users, and people with similar tastes will trail their way to your profile.

Fifth step: Hashtags


Instagram is notable for starting the hashtag trend by putting the # symbol followed by a word or short phrase. This feature is not just there for show, use it to your advantage! The maximum number of hashtags you may put under a photo is 30, so use as many as you can get. This will make your photo highly visible for people who are searching under that hashtag. Try to keep them short and concise, paying attention to the amount of posts made with each hashtag – it is written next to it before you finish typing. Choose hashtags which are more popular and used by thousands of posts, opposed to the tags used only a few hundred times.


Summing Up

There is no clear formula for becoming an Instagram Star and gaining followers, and even ticking all of the boxes above may not show results for a few weeks or months. Despite this, it does not mean you must stop trying to reach that goal. It surely isn't impossible, but remember to put a piece of your personality and energy into each photo. There must be motivation in order to reach your set goal, and your followers will feel that energy with each post. If you take the above-mentioned advice and combine it with a sincere passion for your social media persona, then you are most likely to succeed.