The strategy of outbound marketing is outdated as online market demands new qualities. It comes as no surprise that the updated market requires updated strategies. Planning or organizing a new strategy always starts with changing and challenging the very core, the base of the structure which is the thought. The fundamental of online marketing is thinking inbound, and when sculpting an inbound thinking these 5 reasons should be taken into account.

Knowledge is the key

When talking about knowledge a decent understanding of your surroundings you should be included. Your knowledge should not be limited to your products and services as external factors are of a great importance as well. The environment hugely affects your own conditions and a good knowledge about your settings can heavily contribute to the planning of your further steps towards reaching your objective. Understanding your environment gives you an advantage of knowing both your potential opportunities and threats. According to the golden principle of evolutionary biology the key of survival is being able to adopt and adjust to the surroundings. The same principle is applied to online marketing. Know your environment and make the best out of it. Even though you can not control the environment you can control your attitude and make the environment act for your own good.

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More than just a job

Outbound marketing can perfectly function and limit itself to a shotgun-blast approach, but this technique simply can not be applied to inbound marketing. One of the main differences between the two is that inbound marketing means having a constant relationship with your audience. Inbound marketing is a non-stop job where you have to constantly keep in touch, invariably monitor and update. Forget the old technique used for traditional market where you deliver your message and disappear into a void, as inbound marketing demands your constant attention. If the working hours of outbound marketers are 9-5, your job is 24/7. Remember that your primary goal is to have a relationship with your customers, and your secondary aim is to do your best to maintain it perfectly and make your audience stay by your side.

Do not force it

It can be argued that inbound marketing is more complicated as instead of using direct ads, spam messages or calls it requires being creative and going beyond simply telling people to buy your products or services. With inbound marketing you do not aggressively push your sales down the throats of your customers, rather create a valuable content that is appealing to your audience. Set a fan page, offer special discounts and coupons, organize contests, run a poll, give a sneak peak to your product and etc. Do not simply isolate your audience and bombard them with your sales, make your customers feel engaged.

Find the right elements to craft your message

Contrary to the outbound marketing where the message is sent to everyone, inbound marketing targets specific group of people. The message should be crafted in a specified way for the targeted audience that you are trying to reach. When crafting your message keep in mind what your audience wants and what your audience is interested in. Analyze your group target from all the aspects including backgrounds, demographics, careers in order to identify their goals and challenges. Remember that the delivery of the message is not about you but about your audience. Do not tell your audience what you have to offer, rather tell them how you can solve their problems and satisfy their needs.

It is all about having a dialogue

Unlike traditional or outbound marketing which uses one way communication, meaning the interaction ends when the message gets to the receiver, the communication strategy of inbound marketing is an ongoing exchange of information between the sender and the receiver. The message is sent and the feedback is received. Inbound marketing creates a dialogue with the customers and replaces the traditional monologue strategy. Never hesitate to connect to your customers and take any means necessary to make the interaction possible. Respond, pay attention to comments, open discussions, forums, answer questions, accept both compliments and criticism. Communication is essential as it inserts human element and helps to establish credibility with your customers.

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There is a good reason why the new way of marketing is called inbound, as it is all about inbound thinking. The whole strategy is based on the ground of a constant relationship between you and your audience which has to be maintained through an interaction where both of the parities participate. Your audience should be treated specially, thus special means of communication should be crafted. Online marketing is more than just a job, it is a commitment to your customers where your constant attention is required. Online market does not have closing hours, it keeps on running 24/7 and that is the amount of time that needs your attention. However, your mind should not be isolated from what is happening around you as it is essential keep an eye on your surroundings. Your environment can cause you harm or at the same time make you prosper depending on how you adjust to it. Lastly, keep in mind that every updated strategy starts with an updated way of thinking and inbound marketing is no exception.