Planning your content calendar for social media is compulsory if you want to keep your company’s profile up to per. But how are you going to make it organized so that you don’t add up unnecessary clusters to your to-do list and miss important dates, thus jostling away your followers? To make your life easier, we suggest 5 steps that will help you organize your social media calendar in one go.

Research Your Content


To create successful and compelling content, you need to know what are the topics your audiences are interested in. Start from getting back to your older posts to see which ones got more likes and comments and what are some trends prevailing there. You can also go over your competitor’s content strategies to see what aspect they are especially focused on, how often they publish things and how it all works as to the network they are on. Pull all of your social media analytics with tools like Sprout Social, Twitter or Facebook Insights. Besides, decide on the type of content you are going to apply. Be it images, videos, text, or links, it’s always better to know which one provides consistent traffic not to get down on the nitty-gritty of the pointless content diversity and time loss.The deviation from the regular style is fine unless done within an appropriate amount but you don’t really want to baffle your social community just because you’re experimenting with such variation, do you?

Time to Sort it All Out


The next equally significant step is the purification process. Once you figure out the popular themes and find relevant content, it’s time to see which ones to put in for your social media profile, how much of each type and category of original content you’ll publish not to mention the quantity of curated content you are going to share. Obviously, you don't want to put it all at once to leave space for more clicks and more traffic to your website. Also, don’t forget about generating new content ideas. If you notice something you might use in your practice, make sure you’ve saved it somewhere but don’t forget where exactly like I usually do. What we do at Odd Republic is monthly brainstorming and regular collaboration to find interesting solutions for content strategy. The biggest advantage, in this case, is that you don’t have to scramble and figure out what to post next since you are ahead and if each team member has at least one good suggestion, congrats, next month’s plan is ready!

Clarify the Dates


Once you’re done with your content, time to set up concrete dates and follow the schedule. However, there is no guarantee that everything will go just as you planned, so be ready to experience new twists. Take all the holidays and special events into account to keep those twists at a minimum. You probably don’t want to make a post with mournful Spongebob let’s say when the whole country celebrates the Independence day or so. Once you sorted out your content by relevancy, plug a particular date range into each content you are going to post. It’s crucial to be a few steps ahead of what you post which makes it easier for you to track the dates for the upcoming month if there’s a necessity. So this social media marketing tip will help you establish mini goals per day, week or month and the accomplishment of each one will bring you much closer to the ultimate target you’re trying to hit.

Plan and Schedule Ahead of Publication


If you’ve gone through all of the previously mentioned stages, then you’re almost there- time to put all you’ve got together. You can do this using an Excel sheet or for your own convenience, practice templates such as Trello, Evernote, ContentCal, CoSchedule, Hopper HQ, DivvyHQ, etc. These are helpful on every leg of your journey: from planning to publishing and result tracking. The overall design and functions are pretty much similar. You can assign tasks within deadlines (sometimes even with post-deadlines) complete and archive them. The best thing is that some have mobile versions as well. So, your social media calendar is always near at hand.

Each Minute Counts


In the digital age, everything happens around us in a blink of an eye; you need to approach your social media planning with this in mind as well. This means that every hour and even minute counts on social media. Now that you have your days set up in your calendar, think about the times as well. Depending on what time zone you live in and what time it is with for target audience is crucial. If it’s day time for you and night time where the majority of your audience is, then by the time they wake up your post is already several posts down in their social media feeds and less likely to appear in latest searches. Do a background check of the best times to post, which are usually early in the morning or towards the evening hours; these are the most common times of day that people are prone to scrolling through their social media so use this to your advantage.

Summing up

To conduct an effective social media campaign and succeed in running a page you need to know how to organize your social media calendar. All you do depends on its comprehensive and precise formulation. So, hopefully, the guideline above will keep your social media marketing organized all through 2018.

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