Currently, many young and creative minds are  choosing to become a freelancer in their specialized fields instead of entering as an employ for larger corporations. Working with freelancers is usually more cost-efficient and less restricted, allowing customers an endless ocean of freelancers to choose from at any given time. While the services are eye-catching and efficient, it is difficult to find trustworthy and high quality freelancers which will ensure your satisfaction. For that reason we have put together 5 platforms for you to look through which guarantee a higher chance of receiving a sufficient service from freelancers.

Each service comes with a unique concept, various opportunities, and reliable communities to suit customers with different needs. All of the platforms offer new ways to interact with freelancers online with certain security pressures to avoid unnecessary conflicts which may exist when trying to find a freelancer on your own. This advantage allows the customer to communicate with those who are working on the project, while at the same time remaining on a professional and trustworthy level.


As simple as the name suggests, Freelancer allows individuals and businesses to search for any sphere of work which they need completed. The website creates a competitive environment among the freelancers, where they will bid and offer you prices for the service. You will be able to choose the offer convenient to you from the freelancer of your choice. This creates interest among the freelancers to constantly develop along the way, and strive for high quality content to ensure their likelihood of receiving more job opportunities. All transactions are made through the servers of the website, and does not require any personal negotiation with the freelancer for payment methods.


This freelancing platform is open to over a million clients who use the website to find opportunities for their business needs. Customers are able to directly interview professionals in correspondence with the work they need completed. There is also the opportunity to view their previous work as examples before accepting the order. Upwork also offers paid plans if you do not prefer searching manually to find a freelancer best suiting your standards. They will filter the choices for you, and let you decide from a narrow list of freelancers.


Services provided by Toptal involve computer developing, design, and finance. The platform advertises as only hiring the top 3% of freelancers worldwide to provide the best possible experience for those looking for freelance content. While anyone is allowed to apply as a freelancer if they wish, Toptal uses a strict screening method to only accept those with the best qualities for customer satisfaction. This platform benefits those who seek freelance content, but from verified and reliable people with varying professions and skill sets.



This is another user friendly platform to interact with freelancers who are prepared to supply you with the service you need. After joining PeoplePerHour, you post the job which you need completed, then overlook the offers of those prepared to meet the requirements of your project. Payment is made online, and may be delayed if issues arise regarding the quality of the content received for the project. There are people specialized and prepared for projects in a variety of different spheres, who are ready to take on full time or part time projects.

ODD Republic


The platform offers a variety of services in PR, branding, design, marketing and more, carried out by a concentrated group of skilled freelancers. Prices are lower than the market, while the service remains high-quality and efficient. There is no need to spend time searching through hundreds of freelancers and offers, because ODD Republic already hires a group of creative and hardworking individuals who are assigned to each customer. All freelancers are accepted only with great team working skills to tackle projects together if necessary.

Summing up

 After reviewing the above-mentioned platforms, the choice is up to you to visit your favorites, if not all of them, and further investigate on your own and settle with those which fit best to your demands. Each website offers a unique price point, and functions which are associated with that fee to fit people internationally with varying budgets. The 5 platforms we reviewed today each differed with the way they functioned, with some having a relatively narrow list of freelancers available, to those which were as simple as opening an account to become a freelancer.

Another significant difference is the way the choices were filtered. As we saw with Upwork, there are chances to let the website filter freelancers most representing to your needs, while with Freelancer people placed bids on your profile, leaving you to make the final decision. ODD Republic and Toptal were among those with less flexibility in choosing the freelancer, but their screening processes ensured high quality professionals despite who the client is assigned to.While each provide an original perspective and approaches on the freelancing online market, the overall goal is the same – to offer the best quality projects to customers as affordable and convenient as possible.