Imagine a situation when you have a bunch of likes on Instagram or any other social media site and your followers are commenting and sharing everything you post but none is a paying customer. Sounds familiar? Here is a consultation — almost every entrepreneur gets stuck in this swamp. In fact, social platforms provide an incredible marketing opportunity, and if you use them wisely, you can market your products like never before and get tons of sales. If this is what you are craving for then the following social media marketing tips are just for you.

Customer Testimonials


Did you know that more than 70% of US adults trust product recommendations from their friends, neighbors, or just people they know in person? To consider this, customer testimonials are irreplaceable for your business growth· A positive feedback from one of your clients can bring you much more customers than you could ever think of. What if you include several testimonials on your website or your brand's social media profile? But don’t let them write that your product is great or they prefer it over what your competitors offer. It is not a good reason to make others use your service. Instead, ask them to describe how your product helped them solve a problem bothering them for a long time. Did it make them happy? Finally, ask for permission of using their photos in their testimonials since it inspires confidence among your potential shoppers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Providing answers to frequently asked questions is always a good idea. It takes lots of time to for a user to find information they are looking for on your website or profile. However, this tool makes the Q&A process faster if not exclude at all. An FAQ section done right can be an effective addition to your website serving several functions, from improving SEO and site navigation to earning trust by demonstrating product expertise and explaining your business model. What is more, it saves your time as a marketer since you don’t have to answer all the questions raised by your clients. Sending a FAQ link will be enough for the most part. So, this social media marketing tip is an excellent addition to the strategy you employ.

Online Contests


We all have definitely come across Instagram contests, where the sponsor requires to take selfies with their product and tag their profile. After a couple of days, they usually announce the winner the author of the best photo. If the contest involves commenting and sharing then perhaps they pick randomly or use websites such as These were some minor examples of how one can generate massive engagement, and drive a serious return on investment from social media running a thematic contest. However, there are dozens of templates out there you can use to make the creation process simple. So, if you are still hesitating and cannot decide on the source to use, then check out Wishpond. After all, people are naturally inclined to win and receive something beneficial free of charge.



Offering coupons is a great way to bridge the gap between followers and customers. However, it’s probable that users like your page just because of catchy photos, attractive content but not because they are interested in purchasing products from you. An image titled as “Exclusive Coupon” is the simplest way to grab users’ attention and can bring you a huge stream of customers. Don’t forget to include details, like “This week only” or “Shop above 50$ and get 20% off.” And finally the most significant part — make your coupon code visible and easily noticeable. You can also provide the link to the original source, your website, to drive more traffic. When designing a coupon image, make sure your colors are attractive. Ask different people whether they like it or not to see which one works best. So, if you follow the provided guidelines, this trick can affect your business growth right away.

Summing up

Whether you focus on social media marketing or just promote the profile of your company or even look for the ways to outsource marketing through social media, being aware of unwritten rules of turning likes into clients is your potent weapon. We hope these tactics will help you build strong entrepreneurship as you apply them in your practice.

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