If you’re still using the same website format from 3 years ago and are noticing a downfall in your average visitors, odds are your website is outdated. Since websites are the frontrunners of our companies and personal brands online, it is best to keep them updated every now and then, even with small changes and fixes. We’ll help you identify 4 signs to know when to invest in re-doing your website.

All the Technicalities


First things first, you need to check that everything is running smoothly from the perspective of basic gears and grinds. If you have buttons and links which are outdated or not working and images which aren’t appearing, this is a major sign that you need to take the time in going over the website development process once again. This falls along the lines of conducting regular bug fixes in order to not allow these functions to get worse over time. Not only does this look unprofessional and haphazardous from a first reaction, but it limits the experience of your users on the website, leaving them with the chance that they won’t return. An important factor of this is also constantly checking the speed and response rate of the website to make sure that it is functioning with the timeframe of standard website loading.

Keeping up With the Trends


No matter how satisfied we are with how our website looks and acts, it is ultimately down to the audience to decide. After all, without users, building a website is mostly useless unless it’s for personal and private use. We have to constantly keep up with the latest trends and even offer our own in order to keep in tune with competition. Sometimes, we don’t always have to necessarily like the trends in order to implement them. Though some are strictly against this, there are a reason trends arise in the first place because they appeal to a large chunk of people on the web. If you don’t notice some of the annual trends on your website, maybe it’s time to start researching and implementing. Or be risque and start your own trend, why not?

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Weak SEO Status


If you are noticing a lack of viewers and users on your website, maybe it’s time to do a search engine optimization checkup. Despite the theories of SEO being a dead practice, it’s still valuable if you are planning on ranking for high positions on search engines and when investing money on advertisements. Optimized websites are still more likely to be frontrunners and receive better traffic than those that aren’t. It’s all about relevancy and targeting the right audience to your website which will meet the needs of whatever you are putting out into the world.

Mobile Optimization


The majority of website traffic is now reliant on our smartphones, and is becoming more and more of a crucial factor for businesses. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices or there are too many bugs or elements which bother the mobile experience, then it is the best time to invest in mobile optimization for your website. Depending on the current status of your website, you may have to re-do the design to ensure that all the elements, whether simple or complex, are showing up on the mobile version clearly. Some graphics or design aspects may have to be taken back to the drawing board to understand how they will be implemented into the mobile version, or even removal of them completely.

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Summing Up

If your website meets any of the mentioned factors, then it is the best time to consider re-doing or updating your website. Whether you decide to make a few quick fixes or completely invest in a full makeover depends on the experience you want to create for your users. Some take a minimalistic approach and others go all out with the latest graphics, but as long as everything is functioning and up-to-date, you can rely on your website to be the face of your brand.

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