2018 is over half way through, have you been using the trendiest marketing tactics of this year to your advantage? If not, it’s still not too late to implement these into your strategy since a lot of these trends are going to gradually rise into bigger and better ones in coming years. Take a look at these kickass marketing trends of 2018 and see which you already do and which to incorporate next.

Be Real


The days of staged and overly produced content is officially over. Everyone wants to see people who act like, well, actual people in campaigns and adverts. This is why brands that use live videos, disappearing “stories”, and a more natural approach are prefered by users. This gives a relatively real perspective of what is going on and shows that your company isn’t doesn’t just brush up on the imperfections. Include guest influences and speakers to also give diversity of thoughts.

It’s Showtime


If you’re still not implementing this marketing trend, then you are in serious trouble. Images, videos, gifs, and visual content is your new best friend. By just piling on long paragraphs and lots of text, you aren’t going to reach much success. With everyone on the go, you need something which will spark interest immediately, since it’s unlikely people will stop and read a large text. Even in this case, you need captivating and attention-grabbing titles. Besides this, visual content is deemed as much more relevant data on social media platforms, which means text often pushed to the curb when it comes to ranking.

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Artificial Intelligence


AI tech is still in the progress of reaching new heights, but elements such as VR and chatbots are already making a big hit. It’s estimated that by 2020, 85% of companies will rely on technology instead of manual work by humans. This is already apparent in automatic answering and voice recognition technologies being used for effective customer service.

Get Personal


Everyone loves themselves, that’s not rocket science. Connecting with your audience on a personal level is a great tactic to implement into your marketing strategy if possible. This means finding ways to ensure that your potential client can say “Hey, that’s exactly for me!” How can you reach this result? It actually doesn’t have to be too complicated. For example, Coca Cola simply added people’s names to their bottles so when someone finds their name, they are more inclined to purchase it.  

Summing Up

Hopefully this gave you an idea of what direction to take your marketing to ensure you’re keeping up with the times and not losing any valuable clients. These trends aren’t likely to fall out of style so early, and on the contrary, they will keep building on these as a foundation for more benefits in the future.