Along with interviews and other face-to-face communication ways; there are other much subtle ways to get to know you and your personality in general. One of the important ways is checking your posts on social media, specifically on Facebook. The photos, ideologies, articles, and statuses you share can reveal vital information about you to others, which may have both positive and negative consequences on your online reputation.

Especially, if you are a CEO or an employee, your social media pages must be much more accurate and concrete, because you are more likely to be analyzed by what you like or prefer on Facebook, rather than what you theoretically value in life. Even though making mistakes on Facebook is very often, however, the person who sees or reads them may not realize it, hence the misunderstanding between you and your CEO, or your client will be unavoidable. Thus, in order not to have a wrong impression on your CEO or employees, and ruin your online reputation, read our several suggestions to guarantee the harmony between your online and virtual spheres.

Don’t Share too Much Personal Information


Sometimes people are so satisfied and happy with their achievements in life, that they want the whole world to speak and discuss them. Of course, this is a very natural phenomenon when people want to share their accomplishments with others. However, it is not always looked as sincere human reflection or interaction, especially when you’re a CEO. Sometimes, posting statuses and sharing many photos like this: “I have a wonderful life” or “Look what kind of food I prefer” can make you seem childish and self-indulgent. Note that not all people really care about what food you consume or what kind of lifestyle you carry, hence your posts may seem quite nonsense and even irritating for them. You may come off as too in-your-face to your audience and as someone who only likes to flaunt their lifestyle. Therefore, avoid doing these habits too much in order to avoid destroying your online reputation, and not to disqualify yourself in the future.

Be Watchful of Your Language


Again, considering that you are a future employee or CEO, even the way you speak and express your ideas can alter people’s attitudes toward you. Of course, it does not mean that you have to live within limits and be always watchful about every single word you use. However, if you use curse words, or jargon too much it will require a rather long time to bring your reputation back. Imagine what will happen if people at the workplace know you as someone who always serves as an ideal for a successful and educated person, and all of a sudden come across your careless and ragged language on Facebook. They will face a confusion between you virtual and online egos of and cannot understand whether your representation in social media and at the workplace have anything in common. Their attitudes may change, which will be very hard to bring back, and even it is possible not to regain at all. So, use an accurate and literate language to avoid future problems regarding the deterioration of your online reputation.

Avoid Over-quoting 


This habit is maybe not as critical as compared to the above-mentioned ones, but if it's too present on your Facebook page, this can create certain misunderstanding. Of course, everybody wants to have a strong online presence over others, and for doing so, quotes play very important roles, as they show what you value, appreciate, and love in life. However, if you concentrate on quantity instead of quality, it may turn out that you are quoting others for creating the artificial impression of intelligence. Rather than spending your nights and days on searching quotes of well-known people and sharing them on Facebook, try to spend that same amount of time on creating something of your own. Note that the argument is not about quoting as something bad or ridiculous, but rather quoting based on personal and pure inclinations, and preferences. Be creative, try to write something that differs from others, and why not, come up with an inspirational quote that others will share on their social media pages.

Summing Up

To sum up, it is known that having an online presence is very important and meanwhile, can have detrimental influences on your reputation in general. Try to keep in mind that especially in the 21st century, when Facebook and other social media pages contain twice as much information about you as you show in real life, the main way of getting closer to you is checking your Facebook or Twitter pages. Currently, they have become the second alternatives of your resume or bio; hence, make sure your posts are coherent, accurate, and literate, before applying for a job or for any other position.

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