There always comes a time in our lives where we are forced to step up and take control of a situation or keep it under control. Whether you are already a leader or boss in your workplace and projects, or someone completely new to leadership, it’s effective to take a step back and reflect on your methods. Leading isn’t just about taking charge of a difficult situation, you must be able to reach the end-goal while being in sync with those working alongside you. There isn’t one formula to becoming a great leader, but we offer 3 tips on becoming an excellent and admirable leader.

Don’t Avoid Feedback


Just about anyone can call the shots, but the difficulty in leadership lies in the relationships among all team members. If there is discord between the leaders and followers, then this will lead to inefficient working results. Make sure to pay attention to what your teammates say about you both directly to you or even among themselves. If your group is hesitant about giving honest feedback to you in person, regularly ask for anonymous feedback. To become a better leader, you must be able to take this feedback into consideration and make appropriate changes if needed. Value both the positive and negative feedback, because both exist to benefit your group to reach the ultimate goal you have. It’s alright that you don’t have the answer to every issue, so allow everyone to have an equal opportunity to offer solutions instead of worrying that you will disregard their thoughts.

Motivate Your Team


A part of being an excellent leader also means being an admirable figure for your group members. Even if there is a downfall or failure at any point, you must be prepared to keep your team motivated and inspired. Sometimes, failures happen beyond our control, and the members shouldn’t be discouraged by this. Praise them for well-done work so they feel appreciated for the effort. Keep a positive outlook and smile often to transfer positive energy in order to improve productivity. If you are constantly assigning tasks and projects and act as if you simply want them completed, then your teammates will do exactly that. They will complete an assignment for the sake of completing it, instead of actually putting effort and enthusiasm. To be a better leader involves understanding when the group dynamic and when energy deflates, and act accordingly to keep everyone at their best condition.

Less Talk, More Work


In order to be an excellent leader, you need to know how to lead a team to victory. In brief, this means identifying the target goal, thinking of a strategy, and working towards reaching the final result. The process is just as important as reaching the goal. Many think that people who voice opinions about issues or offer interesting goals are great leaders. You have to be able to carry out the tasks at hand to reach the final goal, and this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Each step is crucial for reaching an effective end result, so you must strategize, plan out the entire process, and get ready to work hard to get what you want.

Summing Up

From small school projects all the way up to large corporations, leaders are a necessity to keep everything under control and lead towards success. Some people have an innate talent at leading, while others require practical experience and guidance to unleash their excellent leadership qualities. Besides leaders, there are always followers needed in every sphere to complete the image. Being a follower shouldn’t be viewed negatively, and it is important of a great leader to value each member of their team and the efforts towards a mutual goal. If you had any doubts about your leadership skills, hopefully the mentioned 3 tips will give you insight on how to take better initiative in future situations.  

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