It isn’t surprising that the Internet is the best way to keep ties with the entire world, especially if you have interesting ideas or products to share. Whether you plan to sell a service or simply share your creative poems and recipes, you will need your personal, online corner for this. Building a website from scratch can be an expensive and long-term process which requires coding skills. For this reason, website builder platforms come to the rescue to make opening your own website a simpler task. We suggest the top three free website builders you need to know about if you plan on starting a website any time soon. Continue reading to know more about the highlighted features of each platform to know which one will suit your needs better.



Even if you’ve never used it, you’ve certainly heard about WordPress websites and blogs at least once. Wordpress is used worldwide by both everyday bloggers and even notable businesses and companies. You can sign up for an account within minutes and open a free blog or website and choose a compatible WordPress domain. As a free website builder, you have the option of picking a name for your domain, selecting any of the available themes, and adding both text and visual content to the webpage. Your website is mobile-friendly, which is a major advantage in the contemporary world. You also have the opportunity to use various widgets, including SEO plugins to improve the quality of your website. WordPress is a free website building platform but also offers paid services for people or businesses of various budgets. One of WordPress's most notable aspects is its open source aspect, which allows users to access and modify the coding when necessary. Keep WordPress in mind as one of the leading free website builders the next time you plan on kickstarting a new, creative idea. 



As a free website builder platform, Wix offers simple drag-and-drop methods to have your website up and running quickly and effectively. You do not need any complex technical or coding skills to start up your website. Simply choose a template and begin adding your content such as text, images, or even videos. Choose the template which will fit your needs, whether you prefer a website heavy with text and articles over one which requires multiple videos. Wix is also mobile optimized, offers secure online sharing, and 500MB storage upon opening your free website. You have the option of using site history, meaning you can view previous versions of your website. Wix even offers a Wix SEO Wiz, connecting your website to Google and offering ways to improve your content to be efficiently optimized. Join one of the millions of businesses, designers, musicians, artists, and many others just like you and try out this website builder for free.



The last free website builder we recommend you check out is Weebly. Similar to Wix, you receive 500MB storage, Search engine optimization, a Weebly domain, and much more. On top of all this, Weebly offers services for businesses planning on setting up an e-commerce. They offer a secure domain equipped with unlimited storage, digital checkup and selling options, tax calculators, chat and email support, mailbox, tracking tools, shipping, cart and product placing and anything else you need for your business to have a notable online presence. Connect to over 200 apps which will offer extra functions to improve the functionality of your website. Over 40 million people are already kickstarting their online presence, start transferring your ideas to the screen today.

Summing Up

There are plenty of options to choose from when looking for a free website builder, but not all of them meet the expectations and efficiency of the ones we covered. Whether you want to start a personal blog or a small business, having a website is an important factor to have a notable online presence. The easy accessibility and price options are great for people on a budget, who may later decide to invest money depending on how much success the website generates in the future.

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